iFixit shows how easy it is to repair the LG G5

After JerryRigEverything, iFixit gave a teardown treatment to the recently released LG G5. The tests performed by the latter revealed some interesting facts regarding the internal engineering of the handset.

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As mentioned earlier, iFixit’s teardown treatment revealed some rather amazing features of the flagship. For instance, the disassembly unveiled the fact that LG used a mechanical shock absorber to firmly hold the battery in its allocated space. In addition to that, it further came to our knowledge that the screen of the handset has been installed without the use of any adhesive or glue, instead only two screws and few clips have been used to serve the purpose.

After the treatment, iFixit came to a conclusion that the LG G5 is impressively easy to repair owing to the modular design of its components. This particular design helps easy removal of the components for repair/replacement if the need presents itself. However, one major drawback of was also unveiled by the same teardown process. Almost all of the modular components are fixed with the screen of the handset, which means that in order to remove them, you’d have to break the screen which will definitely multiply the repair cost.

On the other hand, you guys may have heard, after JerryRigEverthing got his hands on the LG flagship and performed various tests on it, a controversy came into being. The all new LG G5 was tortured with scratches, burnt with a lighter and then a bend test was carried out. The scratch test suggested that LG G5’s aluminum chassis is in fact coated with a thin layer of plastic. However LG soon announced that the alleged ‘plastic’ layer was in fact a thick layer of primer, covered with paint coats. This particular process allowed LG to effectively hide the antenna strips while giving the flagship a rather warmer and softer feel as compared to the standard feel of the metal features in various other smartphones. Stay tuned for further updates.

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