Huawei’s Latest Kirin 970 Chipset – What To Expect?

The talk of the town right now is the Huawei’s Kirin 970, the brainy and smart Artificial Intelligence chipset designed exclusively for the smartphones. Unlike the ordinary gadgets and devices being marketed on the basis of their CPU’s capabilities and speed, Huawei has been unorthodox with the marketing strategy of the new Kirin 970 by highlighting NPU (neural processing unit) which enables on-device AI. Huawei’s Kirin 970 has thus, made possible the next generation AI on all smartphones, offering better speed and advanced features to the smartphone users.

Fast and Furious?

With this announcement, the most fascinating feature revealed of Huawei’s Kirin 970 is that it is super-fast and comes with unhindered performance. This mobile chip is equipped with the latest octa-core CPU, coupled with a 12-core Mali-G72MP12 GPU. Although mobile AI often comes with drawbacks like slow speed, Kirin 970 will dazzle you with the improved experience made possible through intelligent engineering. Containing a plexus of innumerable transistors adjusted on a square centimeter of chip, this platform shows 25 times better performance and up to 50 times more efficiency than any typical quad-core CPU. Hence, we can safely conclude that this chipset is a breakthrough in computing architecture and is bound to revolutionize how the world views Mobile AI.

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Guesses for Virtual Assistant?

One thing which has made the announcement more interesting is that Huawei has not yet revealed any virtual assistant that the users will be seeing in Kirin 970, thus leaving all the onlookers curious. This leaves us thinking how will we able to operate this chipset, and what comes next!

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Can This Be A Big Shot?

Now why again is the Kirin 970 a big deal? Well, it comes with a processing speed of 2,000 images in a minute, which surpasses the capability of any other chipset currently available in the market. Another great aspect about it is that along with its speed, it comes with impeccable image recognition ability. It can recognize different objects in a fraction of a second by using NPU. The wonders of Huawei’s NPU have just started being unveiled and we are excited to see how this improved AI is going to find its applications.

It’s All Kinds Of Surprises!

What’s more thrilling about Kirin 970 is that all the cloud-based apps can run on a smartphone in real time using NPU. You can use the effects of your favorite apps on your phone through your phone camera instead of having to download the app. The image recognition ability enables you to get flawless results through auto-adjustment of the camera settings using on-device AI. Kirin 970 is not only going to assist you with its great camera adjustment features, but the new dual ISP also enables noise reduction in dimmed light. It will facilitate the users in various light conditions and customizes the pictures according to the nature of objects being photographed. Huawei has announced that 4-Hybrid is being utilized for the camera’s autofocus setting and we are eager to know more about it!

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The benefits of Kirin 970 seem to be endless as this revolutionary chipset supports better download speeds as compared to the Snapdragon 835 and Exynos 8895. Let’s hope we get more pleasant surprises from Huawei in October as the new Kirin 970’s debut date arrives. Kirin 970 is going to be used on the latest Huawei Mate 10, yet to be announced on October 16. Till then, we will count the weeks to the new announcements and updates from Huawei!


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