Huawei reveals Product Portfolio for 2015: Fitness Band and Smartwatch in books

Huawei in a meeting held today at their headquarters have revealed their product portfolio for the 2015. They want to keep everyone on track for their goals for the year and the company sure does have some ambitious plans. Huawei apart from the smartphones and tablets is keen on dabbling in the wearable market too. Interesting, wouldn’t you say so, HTC in collaboration with Amor will also be launching a fitness product at the MWC so we will be looking at new brands entering the wearable market and the competition is going to get heated.


A slide from the presentation, revealing the product lineup for 2015 shows what we can expect from the company this year. In the smartphone section, Huawei will be introducing new smartphones from their high-end lineup, the Mate and P series, a few devices from their mid range Honor series can also be anticipated. The company will be introducing two new smartphone series, the G and Y series, we do not have any idea whether the devices introduced in these series would be high-end or entry level. Maybe we will get to see either one of the first devices from the series at the upcoming MWC. Tablets from the X and M series are also a part of Huawei’s extensive portfolio for this year.

As mentioned beforehand that the company plans on introducing an Android Wear Watch and a Fitness band also, to compliment these nifty devices Huawei will be introducing a new eco system to go with it. The company will also be working on a ‘new fitness platform’, honing on the fitness conscious lifestyle. Huawei does understand that to stand out in the market they have to do something different and keeping that in perspective the CEO of devices, Shao Yang said,

Different is very important. We are not trying to bring something familiar.

With the MWC a couple of weeks ahead we will have to see what nifty devices Huawei will unveil at the event and how different and similar it is to what we have seen thus far. What do you say, does the line up looks interesting and do you think that the company will be introducing something different this year? Do let us know what your think.

Source: Pocket-Lint

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