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Launched at the IFA 2015 in Berlin, the Huawei Mate S is one of the coolest smartphones launched last year. The Chinese manufacturer has clearly aimed for the big guns with the Mate S, credit goes to the unparalleled looks of the device along with cutting-edge specs. The Huawei Mate S runs on the homebred EMUI software, a custom skin which runs on top the Android operating system. The EMUI interface is quite cool that you will immediately compare it with iOS.

Certain segments of the Mate S interface almost resembles the iOS layouts but the fact that it’s Android makes it more customizable. So, you get the awesome iOS interface along with the ultimate Android customizability at one go. The Settings menu is one of the main commanding aspects of the Mate S but we will make it more useful with some awesome tips and tricks.

Check out some of the cool Huawei Mate S tips and tricks to get the most of your device.

Let’s Start With the fingerprint sensor

One of the laudable features of the Mate S is its accurate fingerprint scanner which offers more than just unlocking the device. You can simply swipe your finger across it to take a quick peek at your notifications or just tap on it to jump back to home screen. So, do you just wanna sit idle or put the Mate S fingerprint scanner to some cool work.


Source: Android Pit

I know you want to configure the fingerprint scanner and enjoy all its functions. So, head to Settings » Fingerprint ID to configure the fingerprint scanner on your Huawei Mate S.

Everyone Loves Motion controls, Right?

Motion controls and gestures have become one of the useful and cool parts of almost every smartphone interface. Huawei’s motion control section is packaged with a lot of resourceful gestures which will help you interact better with your device. For instance, the Pick up to reduce volume is a useful motion controlled function which will simply reduce the volume of calls or notifications as soon as you pick up the device.

Source: Android Pit

Source: Android Pit

Some other gesture-controlled function like Double touch, Shake to rearrange are also interesting. So, to use these cool gesture-based features, head to Settings » Motion control to enable these essential features.

Find your Mate S with Voice Wakeup

We’ve all passed that point where we have lost our precious smartphone somewhere in our own home or backyard and then vigorously search for it. Sometimes it’s even worsted if the device is in silent mode and we can’t give a ring to our number to find it.

Source: Android Pit

Source: Android Pit

Luckily, Mate S has Voice wakeup which is used to find your device faster if you lose it somehow. First, go to Settings » Voice wakeup and record some phrases into the device with your own voice. So, whenever you lose the phone, you can say these magic phrases to wake your Mate S when it’s nearby.

One-Hand UI – A Clever Solution

This is not a feature which you’re going to use all the time but it is really useful if you’re using the device with One-hand. We all know how difficult would it be to use the device with a single hand but sometimes we have to. The One-hand UI is a clever solution to this by reducing the size of the display to your convenience.


Source: Android Pit

So, whenever you want to use this feature, go to Settings » One-hand UI to enable it. Then, just swipe your finger across the bottom buttons to decrease the size of the display.

Gloves Mode and Touch-Disable Mode

We all went through those irritating moments when your device automatically dials or texts someone when in your pocket or pouch. If you want to escape such things, simply enable the Touch-Disable mode from the Settings » More » Smart assistance.

Source: Android Pit

Source: Android Pit

When in there, you might also find the Gloves mode useful if you’re a regular biker. This option increases the touch sensitivity so you can interact with it even when wearing gloves or other hard textures.

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