HTC One M10 rumors’ roundup

HTC is set to release an all new flagship smartphone. From the release date/ prices to the design and camera, we have been receiving many rumors, reports and some official teasers for the upcoming HTC ONE M10. Below you’ll find a detailed round-up of what we know so far and what you should be expecting form HTC.

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Release Date

Earlier this year, rumors suggested that HTC will be launching its brand new smartphone alongside Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 edge and LG G5 on the MWC event. Though the Taiwanese company came forward with a completely redesigned Desire lineup instead of the HTC One M10 (aka Perfume) on MWC. Based on recent reports HTC will be launching its flagship on the upcoming London event scheduled on 11th April. So it seems like there is still considerable time left before we can get our hands on HTC Perfume.

Design and specifications

Earlier this week, HTC posted a teaser of their upcoming flagship on their official Facebook page which revealed some design elements of the smartphone. The teaser features a silhouette of the smartphone which somewhat reveals metal made One M10 ( HTC Perfume) with chamfered edges. The image also contains the hashtag #powerof10 which point towards its high-end performance capabilities. Reportedly, HTC Perfume will be featuring a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset which will definitely make it a worthy competitor of the other major flagships by tech giants like Samsung and LG.


Apart from the teaser, rumors are that HTC One M10 will be unveiled with a 5.2-Quad HD (1440 x 2560 pixels) display, fingerprint scanner embedded inside a home button, a 12 MP UltraPixel rear camera combined with dual-tone LED flash, wireless charging, 3000mAh battery, 4 GB of RAM and 16/32 GB of expandable memory. Needless to say the smartphone will be running the latest Android Marshmallow which comes with new features like Google Now on Tap, Doze and a completely redesigned app icons.

Better Battery

Although we saw that HTC reduced the power source’s capacity in One M9 as compared to One M8, we are certain that the company wont be making the same mistake again. Reportedly the upcoming smartphone will be packed with a 3000 mAh battery. This will surely provide a longer life than the 2840 mAh battery powered predecessor. Apart from that, Quick Charge 2.0 will be an attractive addition on the HTC Perfume as its competitor flagships already do.

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Better Camera

HTC’s Chief Financial Officer, Chialin Chang, revealed some information regarding the camera which will be featured in their upcoming flagship – HTC One M10 (aka HTC Perfume). Mr Chang stated that ” after seeing what’s going on in the market ” HTC Perfume will be revealed with a ” very, very compelling camera experience.” Needless to say, the executive was pointing towards the recent release of flagships by Samsung and LG which featured amazing cameras. Apparently the company has decided to considerably improve their smartphone in this field as to counter the immense criticism they faced for their One M9.


This should be noted that the predecessor, HTC One M9, came with a 20 MP rear camera while the One M8 had a 4MP Ultra Pixel dual camera. Unfortunately both smartphones failed to provide decent quality of images, though it seems that this problem might be countered in the HTC Perfume. Reportedly the upcoming device will host a 12MP Ultra-pixel camera which will be capable of producing high quality images even in low light conditions.

Better Security

After Apple introduced a smartphone (iPhone 5s) featuring a fingerprint scanner for the first time, every other tech devices’ manufacturers realized its importance. Currently all major smartphones like Apple iPhone 6s/6s plus, Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 edge, LG G5, Nexus 5X/6P and Huawei Mate S/8 are coming out of the box with a fingerprint scanner. HTC too understands the demands of its customers and have already used this technology in their One M9 Plus and One Max.

Reports are that HTC One M10 will be featuring a fingerprint scanner embedded inside its home button.

Better Robustness

One Series has been offering smartphones with metal builds from quite some time now. Apparently the legacy will yet but continue with the HTC Perfume. Based on that waterproofing the smartphone will be a big challenge for the Taiwanese tech giant, but we’d definitely love to see that happen.

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Better Storage

HTC One M9 was unveiled with only one storage option: 32 GB. Although a microSD slot was available in the samrtphone, storing huge amount of data on removable media can affect the performance drastically. Though this problem might just be solved as we are expecting the new smartphone to be launched with two different variants – 16 GB and 64 GB. Needless to say, a microSD slot will still be offered.

So stay tuned to get access to latest developments on this topic.

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