How To Save Battery on Android using WiFi Saver – The WiFi Manager

Following guide will help you to manage WiFi connectivity on your Android device and save battery that the WiFi consumes for keeping your device connected to the internet unnecessarily. The application that we will use to manage WiFi on your Android handheld in order to save battery is the all new WiFi Saver.Android-Battery

Are you one of the Android users who can’t turn off the WiFi and compromise loosing internet connectivity on their device, but also want to save some battery? Well if so, then there maybe a solution for this problem which allows you to use the WiFi and save the battery of your device at the same time. The application to counter this problem is WiFi Saver, which just came up 2 weeks ago. WiFi Saver manages your WiFi connection efficiently and saves battery on your Android smartphone.

The application keeps a watch on your device’s WiFi. It turns off WiFi if the signal strength is weak or if there’s no internet connectivity required. WiFi Saver automatically turns on internet when network connectivity is required. This saves plenty of battery on your Android device. The device doesn’t stay connected to the internet unnecessarily. Basically when the signal strength is weak, the WiFi radios work actively to catch stronger signals and this results in draining the battery fast. So, if the signal strength is weak, having the WiFi turned off is the best choice, which this application will take care of for you. There’s a handful of features available in this application that make it worth giving a try. There’s a basic saver which will save your battery by performing basic WiFi optimisation operations. Then there’s low strength saver which will save battery when there’s low signal strength as mentioned above. There’s specific auto connect, which will specifically connect to the internet according to your liking. You can make the WiFi automatically connect and disconnect when your phone’s screen is unlocked or locked.

To sum it all up, we can say that WiFi Saver is a very simple application with no complexity involved at all. You can simple enable and disable your desired options and you’re done wit the best possible WiFi optimisations to save some battery percentage. You can have a look on the list of the features attached below and then learn to use it.

WiFi Saver Features

  • Basic Saver.
  • Low Strength Saver .
  • Lock, to enable Mods in Locked Status .
  • Specific Auto Connect .
  • Random Auto Connect .
  • Enable WiFi When Unlocked .
  • Disable WiFi When Locked .
  • Basic Timer, to enable & disable WiFi in specific time .
  • Specific Auto Connect Timer, enable & disable mod in specific time.
  • Random Auto Connect Timer, enable & disable mod in specific time.
  • Custom Service Delay, Set a custom delay for Saver Mods .
  • Custom Auto Connect Delay, Set a custom delay for Auto Connect Mods.
  • Show Network Details .
  • Dark Theme .
  • Ad-Free.

You sure have got a great idea about WiFi Saver application and also understood how important it is to manage your Android smartphone’s WiFi in order to save battery. We are all set to go ahead now and install WiFi Saver application on our target Android device. We will also learn how we can save battery on Android using this WiFi Saver WiFi manager application.

How To Save Battery on Android using WiFi Saver – The WiFi Manager

  1. Download WiFi Saver Application and install it on your Android phone. You must be running Android 4.0+ in order to be able to install WiFi Saver.
  2. Open the WiFi Saver Application from the app drawer.
  3. Enable the options according to your liking in order to start saving the battery.
  4. That’s all. Enjoy 🙂


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