How to use Torch on your Android phone using Volume Buttons [Torchie]

Controlling Torch that’s embedded in your Android smartphone’s flash using the Volume Keys has always been something more than convenient. Rather then tapping the Torch shortcut after unlocking your device, being able to control it directly using your Volume Keys is much more easy and less time consuming.Torchie

Users have been able to control the torch using Volume Keys on their Android smartphones, but until now that was possible only through a custom MOD or through a custom ROM. Not everyone is capable of flashing a MOD or flashing a custom ROM and nor everyone wants to root their device just for the sake of one such feature. If there’s a more convenient solution available that allows you to turn on/off the torch using the volume keys, that’d be the cream on cake. The good news is, now it’s possible to have complete control on your Android handheld’s LED flash as a torch by simply using the volume rocket place on the left or right side of the gadget, that too without root access.

The application that will serve this purpose is named as Torchie. Once you’ve installed Torchie you an turn on/off the torch by holding volume up and down keys together. The application works when your phone’s screen is on, when the screen is locked and even when the screen is off. The application is pretty light, doesn’t carry any ads or spyware and it doesn’t even hurt your privacy. Torchie comes with a Material Design UI, but once you’ve installed and setup this application you won’t probably need to open this application. All the functionality will be controlled through the volume rockers. Torchie is an absolutely free application. If you’ve been looking for such an application, this may be the time for you to go ahead and get it done right away.

Here’s a list of Torchie features

  • Turn on/off torch just by holding volume buttons together
  • Works when SCREEN is ON, in LOCK SCREEN, even while SCREEN is OFF
  • Control when Torchie functionality should work i.e while screen off, screen on, lock screen
  • Can be used as a standalone torch/flashlight app too!
  • Easy to use Material Design UI
  • Light weight (~1 MB)
  • Super fast and reliable functionality
  • Bright torch/flashlight/LED
  • No privacy/security issues
  • NO ROOT required
  • No FRAMEWORK/plugin required
  • NO ADS and No spyware
  • Completely FREE and ever will be

How to use Torch on your Android phone using Volume Buttons [Torchie]

  1. Download and install Torchie on your Android smartphone.
  2. Open Torchie application from the app drawer.
  3. Tap the enable button in Torchie.
  4. Torchie will ask you to enable the application in accessibility settings and take you to the accessibility options.
  5. Tap Torchie Quick and enable Torchie access.
  6. Now close Torchie and try pressing both the Volume Keys at a same time. The torch will lighten up. That’s all.

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