How to use iOS default compass in iPhone to find directions

iPhone has a number of navigation applications that helps you to guide your way when you are on a trip or you are on the road, they have numerous features that can you benefit in many ways. But what if you don’t have these apps and you need directions?


In your iPhone, there is a built in compass which comes installed in your iOS, although it is not as strong as other apps but it is handy when you need one and to use it you need some tips and tricks.

Calibrating the Compass:

Starting from the scratch, you need to start the compass app and the first thing you have to do is calibrate the compass. You will be doing it by putting the mark inside the circle with the help of slanting the iPhone. This first step of placing inside the circle is different in iOS 7 as compared to lowers versions.


Basic Settings:

After you have done the calibration, the compass will display you the magnetic north automatically. If you want to view the original north you can do it by selecting Settings > Compass > ON “True North”. After that you will see the true north in your compass in the form of a red pointer. Your direction will be displayed in the form of white line, the compass will also display your direction in degrees (calculated from the north). The compass also displays your city, country and the coordinates as an additional feature.

How to determine directions:

Furthermore you will see the display of compass which shows four directions North, South, East, West. To locate north all you need is to align the white line with the Letter N in the compass which has a red arrow, similarly you can find other directions using this method. To get accurate results you must align the cross hair with the center of circle, which will result in precise readings.

Saving the point you want to reach:

Let us assume that a person knows the direction he has to go, he can save that direction. You simply take the compass white bold needle to that specific direction and that place will also have a bold white mark which will identify the direction you tend to reach. The compass will fill red in the area between your direction (the bold line showing your direction) and your saved direction where you have to go ( the mark you saved ), It will show how much far you are from the goal. To remove the direction you wanted to reach, you only tap on the screen and it will be removed.

Navigation using Apple Maps:

Unlike various advance compass apps that are widely available on Apple Store, the built in compass has limited features. But still it is integrated with Apple Maps and you can use it to help in getting directions. Tapping the coordinates below the location will launch Apple Maps from there you can tap the icon located at the left bottom known as Navigation icon. It will open the compass mode, from there you can identify the magnetic north on the map, after that you can see where your desire destination is.


Abdullah Akbar

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