How to use AirDrop for sending and receiving data in iOS 7

Using AirDrop we can we transfer all types of files between the iOS devices that includes iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This is a new feature that iOS 7 brought to its users, all you need is a device within the range of Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi connection. You can send all sort of data to anyone, it can be anything from images and videos to links, memos, links.

There are few easy steps that will make you send or receive files to the devices that are in your vicinity, You just have to detect the device using the AirDrop and select the file from the specified application and in no time you will be able to transfer the files on any device you want.  Mentioned below are those easy steps for sending and receiving files.



Sending Files using AirDrop:

Step 1:
Open photos, videos or anything you would like to send to any other iOS 7 devices

Step 2:
Select the specific file (for example pictures from gallery or file from any folder)

Step 3:
Touch on the Share button

Step 4:
Check whether your AirDrop is enabled or not ( Enable it if its disabled)

Step 5:
AirDrop will detect the devices which are nearby, it will take few seconds.

Step 6:
From the list of detected devices, select


Receiving files using AirDrop:

Step 1:
Enable AirDrop from the main screen.

Step 2:
It will take couple of seconds for AirDrop to make the connection.

Step 3:
After the connection is being made, accept it to receive file.


The type of file you will receive will be saved in the app which is made for that file. Like images in Gallery etc


Abdullah Akbar

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