How To Turn off/on Automatic App Updates on iPhone SE

iPhone SE is giving a good response, people are buying the Apple latest device. We have covered all the iPhone SE features and specs. Today I’ve prepared a guide on how to Turn off/on Automatic App Updates on iPhone SE. Most of you know how to do this but there are many new users who don’t, Turning off Automatic App updates help you increase your battery life of iPhone SE. Sometimes we are at a place with no Wifi and at this time a new update is released for an app, it will use your mobile data to update it and you will lose both your mobile data and battery life because iPhone uses more battery then on Wifi. So in order to save your mobile data and battery life, learn how to Turn off/on Automatic App Updates on iPhone SE.

How To Increase Battery Life on iPhone SE

How To Turn off/on Automatic App Updates on iPhone SE:

Step∞: Unlock your iPhone.

Step∞: Open Settings apps from home-screen.

Step∞: Now scroll down and Tap on iTunes & App Store.

Step∞: In iTunes & App Store you’ll see Automatic Downloads, Tap on in to turn off and on. Please keep that in mind before doing this you must logged in with your Apple ID.

Step∞: Now it’s your decision to keep Off or ON Automatic Apps download.

All Done.

As I have said before that by Turning Off Automatic Downloads will result in saving mobile data, battery life and also When a new version of an app comes out sometimes apps start crashing or start behaving abnormally so before updating the App do check reviews. I would suggest you turn off the Automatic downloads option, but you are new to iOS and iPhone keep that on.


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