How To Take Screenshots On iPhone X

iPhone X is out with all its Glory and now that Apple has finally given a bunch of new features that are not new to Android users. The best thing Apple did with iPhone X is removing home button and given as much space as they can give to screen, on the other hand, they have equipped the awesome device with the A11 Bionic chip. Now with all these features and high-end specs, Apple will set new records. Now let’s get back to the main topic, How To Take Screenshots On iPhone X. 

Since there is no home button and screens shots are the important feature of every smartphone. You all be wondering now how To Take Screenshots On iPhone X? Right, Well here’s how you can do that.

How To Take Screenshots On iPhone X

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How To Take Screenshots On iPhone X:

All the iPhone devices come with a home button and in order to take a screen shot, we used to press Home+Power button. Since Apple is competing with Samsung Infinity display so he had to change the direction and give users a totally new thing and they did. Now the main thing is that Apple is has done it what we used to say, but still, it’s worth it to spend that much of amount?. Now that’s it for now.

Here you go, In order to Take Screenshots on iPhone X you have to press and hold Volume Up + Power button and you’ll easily get a screenshot. It will take us sometime in order to get used to it but in order to enjoy this beautiful device, it’s worth a sacrifice. Now you knew how to take screenshots on iPhone X, Please share it with friends and families.

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