How to Stream Live Video From Phone’s Camera To Chromecast


Many of us search crazy things on Google, mostly out of curiosity. Even though it isn’t of much importance to us, we still want to explore the possibilities and see what’s beyond the infinity. If you’re one of such people, I’d say you are learning a lot. Coming to technology, there is no such thing as a limitation. Everything is possible in science and technology and even if you want to prove me wrong, I’d believe that it would happen somewhere in the future.

A long time ago, when I had a teeny tiny smartphone, I tried to stream the live video from the Phone’s camera to my PC but ended up in vain. After a few years, I saw articles which actually achieved this feat but it was too technical for a common user. But today, all we need is a simple app and a Chromecast device to stream the video to a larger screen. Using this technique, we can stream video from any old Android or iPhone to any larger screen connected to Chromecast. It would be great if you want to use an old phone as a security cam or spy cam. So, let’s see how you can stream live video from Phone’s camera to Chromecast connected screens.

The first thing you’ll need is a smartphone; either iPhone or Android. Then, you have to install the EZcast app on your phone. It’s available for both iOS and Android and you can get it from either Google Play Store or Apple Store. Finally, you need a Chromecast setup to a TV or PC so that you can cast to it.


Download and install the EZcast app on your smartphone and launch it. Upon launching, you’ll have to setup the app with your Chromecast device. Once you’ve connected to Chromecast, the app will display a list of casting options, one of which is the Camera option. Tap it to begin streaming video from your phone’s camera to your Chromecast connected device. You can switch between the front & rear cameras, and can also choose the quality of the video stream. Apart from video streaming, the other features of EZcast app are:

  • Stream documents from your phone to your TV.
  • View photos on the big screen while pinching to zoom or swiping to slide through gallery images.
  • Draw or write annotations on those pictures.
  • Stream live video from your phone’s camera to your TV.
  • Surf the web on your phone and see the web pages on your TV screen.
  • Stream video from YouTube or other online video sites.

The only downside with the app is that it doesn’t stream audio from the microphone which could have been a great addition if it exists. Nonetheless, the Ezcast app lets you stream live video from your smartphone’s camera to the Chromecast with great ease. It’s up to you on how to put it into use. So, let us know if you did something wonderful with this video casting.

Naveen Robsworth

Naveen is a tech enthusiast with a deep interest in Open Source software and Operating Systems. Freelancing and learning new technologies are his motives. His Pen name Robsworth reflects that his talents are worthy to be robbed.
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