How to Stop Being A Digital Slave.. Tips To Take a Break From Your Internet Addiction


We Get Up from Our Laptop go to bed to Sleep but Instead We Start Checking Our Notifications Of Facebook and Other Social Networks on our Smartphone. Our generation is Strongly Dominated by technology Social Networking, Now One Can not live without Facebook For a Day And it is becoming now of the essential part of our everyday life


Apart from this Gadgets and Online  Social Network is Ruining our family life as well as our relationships with family and other relatives. It is considered very rude when you are siting with Family or Friends  and continuously texting or playing with your Gaming console
Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of the internet. I hear the old-People talking about how the internet is killing everyone, how we people are deteriorating because of internet. they say  bloggers are not journalists and that social network connections are not relationships, but I think they are not right on this point..

Take a Break From Your Internet Addiction:


Dont Let any App Notification Alert or Emails Or texts Control You.. Dont Check them When the ant you to Check them. If You Keep On Checking Your Notification every minute sorry to say but you are slave of your device
The best way to Neglect Continous Checking of your Phone is that you should Keep it Up side down.. then it wont Attract your attention .. everytime a notification or text comes in.


  •  Go back to sleep

If you Wake up In middle of night.. Dont Check your Phone Get back to sleep.. Even if you see it for Checking time You are surely gonna check the Facebook and your email and texts and by that time all your Sleep will be gone and you will be back on internet.
Soo IF you wake up During Night Dont check your cellphone.


  • Go for Walk or Jog Around

Personally When i am Walking or Jogging i cant text and i cant even concentrate on things and write a reply..
Just turn On Music and walk around everyday for a specified time . Give nature some time, give some time to your thoughts;

walking allows to focus on the world around me instead of looking at Cell phones.

  • Turn Off Your Push notifications

the Postive thing about push notifications is that  you dont miss anything happening right now. The negative point is that you can never know when the next distraction is coming. , Some Notifications are important but mostly are not that important . Do you really need instant notification about every ‘like’ you get on Instagram, or every time someone invites you to a game on Facebook?

Change the option of push notification to manual Check your mails and every other app Manually when ever you open it it will get updated and you will know about the new can save your smartphone alot of battery aswell1484e9878de9e7c6fc3992679e6f8cfasocial-media-addiction-shots

Technology is something that we can live with it somehow but we certainly can’t live without it. but we should know how to find the balance between our  need and to be over dosed with information on Social networking sites —we will stop being digital slaves.

Abdullah Akbar

Abdullah Akbar Shafi is currently doing Software Engineering And he writes on Gadgets and Technology as his interest.
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