How to restrict the data access of iOS apps in your iPad/iPhone

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There are number of apps which asks you to access your data whenever you install them, sometimes they automatically get the access and you have no idea about it. And once they get the access you don’t even know which app is getting access to which of your private data, but there is a way to change that access through privacy settings. You have to change it one by one for every application but it saves your private data from being public. It is worth putting some effort for your personal data.


It used to be difficult before but these settings have been made easier for user to manage their privacy settings, which allows them to select which application gat get how much access and to which portion of their data. There are few steps which will make your data more secure from the apps and you will not be worrying much.


Step 1:
You launch Settings app from your iPad or iPhone.

Step 2:
There you will find Privacy, tap on it to open.
Those who are used to Siri app, they can just say Show me my Privacy Settings, and it will do the work

Step 3:
In those settings there will be the list of all the data of your iPhone/iPad like Contacts, Calendars, Microphone, and Photos etc.

Step 4:
Tapping on any of those categories of your data will display that which application have an access to those groups of data.

Step 5:
Toggle the button in front of every app to ON or OFF the access.
Note: If the access is enabled then the toggle button is Green in iOS 7.

Step 6:
One more thing that you should do is to restrict the access of ads from third party advertisers. At the end of the privacy setting there will be settings for Advertising, turn it On to limit ad tracking.

You need to keep checking these settings off and on in order to keep an eye on the new apps you download. You don’t want them to have an access to the data you don’t want to share. Changing these settings will make not run few applications and some features of few apps might not work, because their functionality might depend on the data you don’t want to share. Every time you install a new app, make sure you check these settings in order to make sure about their data accessing.


Abdullah Akbar

Abdullah Akbar Shafi is currently doing Software Engineering And he writes on Gadgets and Technology as his interest.
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