How to remove Prisma watermark from photos

Prisma and Pokemon Go are the two Android and iOS applications that everyone is probably using and playing now a days. The former brings a unique artwork to your pictures and the later brings a new concept into the gaming world. Prisma’s fever is on the rise at the moment. Prisma changes your pictures into fantastic artwork. The application is inspired by nature, artwork of famous artists etc. Prisma brings numerous filters that completely change the way your pictures look. Prisma differs from ordinary photo editing applications in a way that it doesn’t bring those usual photo-filters back to your pictures, but it has something entirely different to offer. Prisma doesn’t edit your pictures on the go in the application, it uses its servers instead. Whenever you capture a picture and start applying filters, it is uploaded to Prisma’s server and that’s where the game is actually played.

Prisma adds its watermark to all the pictures that you edit using this application. Prisma doesn’t require you to pay for removing this watermark. We would like to shed the credits on Prisma’s generosity that it allows you to disable the watermark from its settings located a tap away in the application. In case you don’t want to show off that you have edited your pictures using Prisma, you can simply disable this watermark and upload your pictures on your social media channels without Prisma’s logo. Let’s have a look on How to remove Prisma watermark from photos.

How to remove Prisma watermark from photos


  1. Open Prisma application on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Tap the small settings gear icon located on the right in the middle of the screen.
  3. In the settings, the third option is to disable or enable Prisma watermark which goes by “Add watermark”. By default it should be enabled.
  4. Now tap this button to disable it.
  5. Edit your pictures now and you should not find the logo on the pictures anymore. That’s all.
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