How to remove iCloud account from your iOS and Mac Devices permanently

Before directly going on the main topic of deleting the iCloud account, we might talk about the causes and reasons which lead us to deleting our iCloud account from our devices. These reasons can be one of the following

Reason 1:
The usage of Apple ID as a family member might create issues in iCloud as it might mix the content of the users which are on the family Apple ID. The disappearing of concatcs and getting iMessages and FaceTime calls of each other might confuse you and this might even share your personal data with others as well

Reason 2:
The other reason might be the expiry of your email that you used for Apple ID. For that you will need another active and valid email address and for that you will need to change your email for Apple ID.

Getting Stated

To delete an iCloud account from your iOS device you need to go to setting apps and there select iCloud. After selecting it you will see Delete Account written in red button, tapping it would delete the account while on Mac you just need to go to System Preferences and select iCloud. There select “Sign Out” button in order to remove your account.


You might get any alerts or warnings when you will delete your iCloud account from Mac or iOS Device. First alert you will get will be

If you delete your account, all Photo Stream photos and documents stored in iCloud will be deleted from this iPad.

Photo Steam uses iCloud to send any image you take from you camera to all the devices and it remains there for 30 days. So before going pass that alert you need to make sure that whether your Photo Steam is turned off or on. If it is turned off you can ignore the alert but if it is turned on then you have to make sure about the type of Photo Stream which is turned on. You can check it from your iCloud Settings. There are possibilities that our Photo Steams are turned on for both personal Photo Stream and Shared Photo Stream while others have only one. Then you need to make sure that are these Photo Stream images saved in Camera Roll or not? If you are not sure then you have to skip Deleting your account and make sure about these settings.

Open Photos app on your iOS devive and at the bottom of that app where these is a black bar. Tap it and there will be a written Albums and Photo Streams. Camera Roll is located in Albums for iPhone and iPod while for iPad there will be Camera Roll and Photo Stream written at the black bar which is at the top. Camera Roll have all the pictures that are permanently saved on your device while Photo Stream are not on your device and when you will delete your account, they will be erased as well. In order to save them, tap them and select share button to save them on your device. You can also email them or save them on your camera roll. Once you are sure that you have saved all the important pictures now we focus on the other part of the warning which said

…documents stored in iCloud will be deleted from this iPad.

In order to check the data which is saved in iCloud, you need to open Documents and Data option. iWork also displays the data you saved on your iCloud. You can save them to your device by emailing them or by saving them using iTunes. Your games data can also be saved on iCloud which can include you high score your stats and level which you are on.

After you have selected the files that were important and you are happy with dumping the rest of the data, now we can delete the iCloud account. This time you will ignore the first alert because you have countered that but this next alert is complex because it can have multiple scenarios. iCloud asks about the reminders, Safari data, contacts and calendars. Following are the scenario which will be helpful for you as they might match your situation.

1.The information is not yours but it is of your Family Members

Select the option of Delete from my iPad/iPhone/iPod which will remove all the personal information you had on your device. This will enable you to make a new iCloud and don’t worry about the data, it is still saved in your iCloud account and if you want to retrieve it you can log back to that account

2,Mixed personal information
Selecting Keep on My iPad/iPhone/iPod will keep your personal information one your device and will allow you to make your own iCloud account. During the creating of new account you can Merge the data with your new iCloud account. If you will start deleting it will take too much time and will be unwieldy for you as you are using an iOS device. However using or Mac apps will allow you to delete the information by just selecting it and pressing delete.

After that is done, your iCloud account is deleted successfully. In order to get another iCloud account you just need to tap on Get a Free Apple ID


When you have created your new account, you can easily use iMessage and FaceTime using your new account. Go to Settings>Messages>Send and Receive. There you might see old Apple ID, don’t panic and just press Sign Out, pt your new Apple ID and sign in. Do the same with FaceTime and you are good to go with new iCloud account with no problems and frustrating confusions.

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