Remove Google+ From Your Google Account [ How To ]

It is Google + which takes on the lead when it comes to social media, after Facebook. Google + is one of the most popular social media of all time, and it just recently received an update, which might be a stepping stone in its progress. However, the irk with Google is that you need a Google+ account to even check your email, or play with YouTube a bit.

The reason as to why Facebook is the best social networking site is its simplicity. On the other side, Google+ maintains to be on the second pick just due to the fact that not all people want to use it. Google forces people to create a Google+ account. If you are one of those people who don’t need Google+ alongside their Gmail account, then this guide is going to help you. Here is how you can Remove Google+ From Your Google Account.

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How To  Remove Google+ From Your Google Account:

1. First off, you need to click the little pop-up menu which displays your name and Google account on the top-right corner of the screen.

2. From there, click on the option which reads Account.

3. This next page has a ton of different options, but the only one we are looking for is none other than Data Tools.

4. Click on the option, and there are about 5 more sub-options listed. Select the option beside the heading Account Management, and it reads ‘Delete Google+ profile and features’.

5. Now, you will have a look at the confirmation page, and all you need to do is scroll all the way down, and select ‘Required’, and press confirm.

This process might take time, considering that it deletes your whole Google+ profile. Now you can easily enjoy watching YouTube videos, and checking your mail, without actually having to create and use a Google+ account.

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