How to reduce brightness in iOS 7.1 to make text easily readable

When iOS 7 was released it totally changed the looks of iPhone, the display was very much different as compared to previous version. The icons were changed a lot even the theme was renewed. The tinted colors gave an extra effect to the text button and they looked more prominent. These tinted colors were brighter than the previous ones.


Those tinted white colors felt extra bright with white background and it affected the eyes of many users who had sensitive eyes. There were issues regarding this as many users reported that they were not able to read the font properly because of the tinted colors. If you are one of them then iOS 7.1 brought something that resolved your problem. iOS 7.1 included options that darkened the tinted colors and it made the text readable for the users.

 Steps to Reduce Brightness/Darken Colors

There are few tiny steps, if you went through them you will be able to adjust your brightness and you will be comfortably reading the text. You need to have your iOS upgraded to version 7.1.

Step 1:
From your iPhone or iPad open the setting application

Step 2:
There you will see General, Tap it


Step 3:
Select the Accessibility

Step 4:
Tapping Accessibility will open another tab , there you will see Increase Contrast. Select it


Step 5:
Tao ON where you see the option of Darken Colors.



In to observe the changed settings, turn the screen on and off button quickly. You will notice that in the top left corner of Settings navigation bar there is an Accessibility back button which will change from bright blue to dark blue. These changes are very prominent in Safar And Calendar application.
If you are having problems in reading the text due to extra brightness you better try these above steps and let us know that whether it was helpful or not.


Abdullah Akbar

Abdullah Akbar Shafi is currently doing Software Engineering And he writes on Gadgets and Technology as his interest.
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