How to make custom ringtone from GarageBand in iOS

Sometimes you like a portion of a track which you feel like putting your ringtone instead of purring the whole song as your ringtone. Well GarageBand is one of the apps that is best for creating customized ringtones. This tutorial will help you to set up your desire portion from a track you took from iTunes. It will also guide you to synchronizing the ringtone with your iOS devices and putting that ringtone for a certain contact.


Step 1:
In order to make a customize ringtone, first thing you need to do is to buy a song/track from or iTunes if you don’t have one.

Step 2:
Using your Mac launch GarageBand, there you will see on the left iPhone Ringtone. Select it and it will open the type of ringtone project, from there select Example Ringtone and select Choose button on right bottom. Put the name of the song you are editing and select Save as and then click Create. Delete the Pastel Slide Medium sample track which will be on the timeline by clicking and pressing the delete key

Step 3:
In the Garageband you will see a media icon at the right bottom it will have musical notes made on it. Clicking it will open iTunes library where all your content is saved. From there you can select the song you want to customize, you can search the song using search tool. Drag the song to your timeline after you have found it from the list.

At the top of your timeline will be a yellow line that shows the portion that describes the song portion you want to edit, it is the Cycle Region. You can listen the portion of song by pressing spacebar in the Cycle Region. You can drag the Cycle region to the part where you want to listen. The size of the Cycle Region can also be altered in order to select the portion but remember that 40 second is the maximum length of an iTunes ringtone.

Step 4:
After you have selected the portion of ringtone by altering the length of Cycle Region, you have to click Share which is on the menu bar. After that select Send Ringtone to iTunes. If the length of your Cycle Region is more than 40 seconds, GarageBand will give a warning and you better reduce the length of your Cycle Region

Step 5:
After you have added your edited ringtone to iTunes, connect the iOS device with Mac. Now launch iTunes and select iOS devices, there you will see Tones. Click it and check Sync Tones and All tones and click Apply. Then it will synchronize and it might take few moments. Eject your iOS device by clicking eject and now you can use your edited ringtone which is successfully added to your iOS device.

Step 6:

The iOS devices allows you to make the edited ringtones your default ringtones, you can even allocate it to a specific contact. That ringtone will ring only when that specific contact will call.

In order to make the ringtone your default ringtone, go to Setting>Sounds>Ringtone, there will be a list of ringtones which will have the edited ringtones as well. Select the customized track you want to put as your default ringtone, it will play when you will tap it in order to confirm.
If you want to put that ringtone for a specific contact then open contacts and select the contact you wish to have the desire ringtone. Select edit and there will be ringtones, tap it to select the customized ringtone from the list and select done. You will notice that the ringtone is displayed on the contact.

Selecting specific tones for specific contacts enable you to determine among who is calling without even checking your screen. It is efficient and useful sometimes and also adds extra charms to your personality.

Abdullah Akbar

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