How to make buttons prominent and easy to use in iOS 7.1

In iOS 7 the button format was not widely accepted by the users because it created difficult to see them. The button shapes in iOS 6 were far much better as compared to iOS 7 because they were easy to navigate and it was easy to tap on them. But selecting the buttons in iOS 7 was not that much easy.

The latest upgrade of iOS 7.1 has a feature which allows its users to change the style of buttons which is pretty close to what it looked in iOS 6. If you were impressed by iOS 7 style then you can try changing your button because iOS 7.1 has made it a piece of cake and with a couple of steps you can do it.

Steps to make your buttons more prominent:

Step 1:
From your iPhone or iPad open Setting app

Step 2:
From Setting app, select General

Step 3:
After you open General, tap on Accessibility

Step 4:
There will be the option of Button shapes at the bottom, Turn it ON

As soon as you will turn it ON, you will notice a change in the buttons and menu bars. There will be a grey outline around the buttons which actually makes the buttons more prominent. Although it’s a slight change but it helps a lot and allows users to use the buttons more easily, with these they done have to have to tap the buttons hard and find it difficult. Moreover an underline is also under those buttons which the user taps. This give an iOS 6 effect ad also is very convenient for those who are not much used to iOS devices.

Do try these settings, as these will make your buttons more prominent and easy to use. Share this with other iOS users who are having issues with the buttons and do let us know about your experience.

Abdullah Akbar

Abdullah Akbar Shafi is currently doing Software Engineering And he writes on Gadgets and Technology as his interest.
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