How to Make Background Transparent in Paint [ Guide ]

In this post, I’ll tell how to Make Background Transparent in Paint, I am talking about MS paint a tool which is used by all of us at some time. 

Make Image Background Transparent In Paint

MS Paint is the tool that is used millions of users and the best thing is that you don’t need any expert level skills to use. Now the thing is that most don’t know how to make a background transparent in paint. First of all, yes we can and now second is that you’ll get to know how you can do this. Transparent background easily stack on other images and by default, you cannot save Transparent background MS Paint.

Now let’s start the method in which you’ll learn how to Make Backgrounds Transparent in MS Paint. Follow all the instruction carefully.

How to Make Background Transparent in Paint:

  • Click on the Windows icon, Now in search field type Paint and hit enter. MS Paint will be launched.
  • Once the Paint Windows loads up, Open the photo or image you want to use.
  • On the toolbar, Click on “Image” tab->“Select”.
  • Here you have to choose “Free-form selection”.
  • In order to make Backgrounds Transparent, you have to check the option of “Transparent Selection”.
  • Now comes the most important point, once you have selected free-form selection, carefully select the object you want to take out of the image. Make sure to exclude all the other elements that you don’t want to use. While you are doing the tracing on the selected image, make sure you do not release until you’re done.
  • Once you are trough with the tracing process, you’ll see the selected or the traced portion of your image will be enclosed inside a rectangular box. Now all you have to do click on any portion of the image and select CUT.
  • Now open up the other images on which you want to paste/Add the traced image, copy the image you’ve cropped by pressing CTRL+V and open the main images windows and just paste on it.

That’s All.

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