Here’s how to Live with 16 GB of internal storage

In the following tutorial, we’ll tell you how to Live with 16 GB of internal storage!

We’re currently living in a technological era where everything is taking the digital avatar to live longer than earlier. With the increasing digital media, we have a constant worry of running of storage space on our smartphones. A few years earlier, you might’ve thought “16 GB of internal storage is humungous for my daily needs” and that’s when you’ve made a huge mistake, for which you’re cursing yourself now. Well, we know it’s a tough day to live with limited storage but we will help you survive the wrath of limited storage smartphones.

How to Live with 16 GB of internal storage

There’s no ‘Secret Ingredient’ to get the most out of your limited storage smartphone but it all comes down to how you use it. Today, we will show you how you can effectively utilize all the resources to get the most of your device.

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Hunt down the Space Hoggers:

live with internal 16 gb storage

So, what do you think is occupying more space in your device? Well, the answer would be ‘media files’ as they may take a massive amount of device storage. Higher the media quality, higher is the space consumed by them. So, decide on the quality of photos and videos you capture with your smartphone. Don’t just wander around the highest possible settings on your device, trim down a bit based on your needs. For instance, you don’t need to capture a 4K video with your smartphone just because you can. Do you really think you can watch 4K videos on your device with lower resolution screen? So, trim down the quality of images and videos to save some space.

After tackling the media files, it’s time to hunt down the apps which are consuming more space. Apps can consume space varying from a meager Megabytes to bulky Gigabytes if you’re playing intense graphic content games. The easy way to find out the real space hogging apps is to navigate to the Android settings and open the Apps section. Here you can sort the apps based on their size and decide if they are really worth the space occupied.

Make use of External Storage (If available):

live with internal 16 gb storage

Most of the smartphones come with an expandable storage slot, so we should make a better use of it. An SDcard doesn’t increase your internal storage but it will act as an extension and moreover, SDcards are a bit slower than the internal storage, so they’re just backup. It’s always a good practice to transfer the downloaded media files to SDcard as they can survive even if your device fails someday. This will also make some space in your internal storage, providing room for app data.

Some of the Android apps can be moved to SDcard, so head on to the Settings » Apps » [App name] » Move to SDcard. Not all apps can be moved to the SDcard, so move the supported apps which will make some room for the apps that can’t be moved.

Note: We advise that you purchase a good quality SDcard with higher write speeds for a better functionality.

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Let’s Play with the Cloud:

live with internal 16 gb storage

Cloud storage is the solution for our miseries and can accommodate huge amounts of data. There are concerns over privacy and security, but you would be safe if you choose a reputed cloud storage provider. Many Android apps provide an option to move files to Google Drive and other cloud storage services. For instance, you can transfer all the images on your device to Cloud using Google Photos which provides unlimited photo storage for files of a certain size.

You can even upload the app data to cloud for certain apps. WhatsApp is the best example for this, you can push the backups to Google Drive, so you can delete some WhatsApp media to gain some internal space.


In a nutshell, it all comes down to how sensibly you use your device. Get rid of all the junk files and uninstall the apps you don’t use, take cloud backups if possible and lower the quality of videos while recording. Follow these simple tips to make your life a bit easier than before.

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