How To Increase Battery Life on iPhone SE

iPhone SE is the latest mid-range device from Apple, if you want to know the specs of iPhone SE click here. iPhone has many great features but there is one thing Apple never fixed is bad battery issue. iPhone SE will be good in many ways but this time battery is bad as in all other Apple devices. But when there is an issue there’s always a solution, following are the instructions on how to Increase Battery Life on iPhone SE.

Increase Battery Life on iPhone SE

How To Increase Battery Life on iPhone SE:

Before moving on to the main guide, let me tell you some old methods they also came handy.

  1. If you are a music lover and listing music all the time while using iPhone. Try using headphones instead of main speaker.
  2. Use low screen brightness.
  3. Turn off the Bluetooth when you are done.
  4. Turn off the Wifi when you don’t need internet access.
  5. Turn of the location services.
  6. Turn off push service for email, calendar, and contacts.

These methods always came handy for every iPhone device, now let’s move to the main guide go to next page.

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