How To Fix Rebooting Problem On Xperia Z

Sony Xperia z is the mid range high end device comes with large screen and with 2 awesome features ( Water and dust resistance ). This is first device that came with water resistance technology. I prefer this device over Xperia z1 and z2, not with specs but according to size you can easily put Xperia z in pocket but on the other hand Xperia Z1 and Z2 are much bigger in size. But today i am not giving a specs review etc.

Rebooting Problem On Xperia Z

Rebooting Problem On Xperia Z

I have heard that Sony Xperia Z is facing rebooting problem from our many readers so i’ve gathered a helpful solutions to fix Rebooting Problem On Xperia Z.

How To Fix Rebooting Problem On Xperia Z:

  1. First of all observe what causing rebooting on Xperia Z.
  2. Try deleting recent apps that you have installed before the rebooting problem start.
  3. Make a backup of your device and perform a factory reset through your phone settings.
  4. Remove SD card reset your device.
  5. Try to use your Xperia Z without Sim and see if its rebooting or not.
  6. Root your device and install a custom rom may be stock software is corrupted and its causing your Xperia Z to reboot.
  7. Go into recovery and ” Select Wipe cache partition ” then turn on your device and use it.
  8. After performing Wipe cache partition nothing happened, reboot your device go into recovery and Select ” Factory data reset “.
  9. Press the power + Volume up button for 10 seconds. Release the buttons when phone vibrates for 3 times.
  10. Download Sony PC Companion software. Attach your device with PC and goto Support Zone > Start > Phone Software Update > Start.

After applying these steps your device is still in rebooting loop goto near Sony center they will fix your device or you will get a new device if your device is still in warranty.

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