How To Fix Phone not connecting with your AOL Mail [ Trouble shooting ]

Following are the instruction how to fix Phone not connecting with your AOL Mail. There are many famous mail services like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and Hotmail, but the one I find is the best is AOL mail. It’s simple, free and provides the safe and delightful mail experience. But few days back I’ve seen hundreds of complaints from AOL user that they are facing Phone not connecting with your AOL Mail problem. So today I’ve prepared a step by step guide to fix Phone not connecting with your AOL Mail issue.

The most common issues which can cause this problem are “We detected unusual activity,” or “Your Username or Password is incorrect”?. To get these fixed all you have to do is open and reset you password and for “We detected unusual activity ” contact their support and in no time you’ll get you account back.

fix phone not connecting with Aol mail

How To Fix Phone not connecting with your AOL Mail:

  • First sign in on AOL Webmail.
  • Once you logged in AOL Webmail, refresh your page.
  • Now upgrade your Adobe Flash player.
  • Clear your browser cache and clear your cookies.
  • If you are using Internet Explorer please restore you default web browser security levels.
  • Try installing other browsers like FireFox or Chrome and then open and sign in.
  • Update your Antivirus or disable it and then try logging in. If you don’t have any Antivirus installed, i would recommend installing Avast Antivirus.
  • If you are using security/firewall software’s, first update them to latest version or uninstall them and reinstall them.
  • Open your web browser and reset your privacy and security settings to default.
  • If you are using ISP’s DNS server, try using Open DNS servers.
  • If still you are facing the same issue, try waiting for few minutes and the login again on Sometimes you face such kind of issues because of servers.
  • In the end try rebooting your systems.

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