How To Fix ‘no service’ issue in iPhone 4, 4S.

A couple of days ago, my friend came to me for help about his iPhone 4, the problem was an error with Service. Whenever he inserted the SIM card a no service error appeared and he won’t able to send or receive messgaes.He told me that he had tried almost everything which he know in iPhone 4 to get back the service as usual but he always ended up with the message saying “No service” even when the SIM is inserted properly. What is the issue now? How can I resolve this in my iPhone 4?


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I Googled it a bit and answers were quite simple. Here are the ways you can solve this problem.

First thing First, contact your service provider and tell them to Re-Activate your phone. It will work. As soon as you update it will work after a couple of minutes.

Otherwise, Reset the network settings from the General Settings and your phone will work fine.

But if you don’t want to follow the above methods, you should try this one.

  1. Open iTunes and connect your iPhone using original Data cable.
  2. Click on ‘Summary’ option.
  3. Click on ‘Restore’ option.
  4. After a successful restore, disconnect your iPhone.
  5. Restart the device for Restore to take effect.

I followed these steps and everything works fine foe me. Best of Luck to you.

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While on my way of Googling the Solution, i found many other things,  I am Sharing them with you:

Today my friend ask me to fix his iPhone 4S which showing no service message, I’ve tried many things but nothing worked so I inserted his sim card in mine iPhone 4 and mine sim card in his phone. Still no result, when I swap them back my phone was having same problem not only that I needed phone very badly so I inserted my sim card from iPhone 4 to my old iPhone 3GS ( i used an extension) and guess what it’s not working anymore. Is there any chance that some kind of virus is spreading using network and sim cards?

I,have been having no signal for days at a time and it’s driving me mad it happened again this morning I went and reset my network setting s and it fixed the problem first time happy days.


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