How To Fix Nexus 9 Slow Charging and Battery Drain Issue

Those who have used Nexus 7 they are well aware of Nexus tablets have slow charging and battery draining issues. Nexus 9 was released last month and now user are getting Google new tablets, but Nexus 9 has same problem battery charging is so slow. Nexus 9 comes with 6700mah battery so most of user’s think its normal, but i’ve seen users saying that it take more then 8 t0 9 hours to full charge Nexus 9. You can fix Nexus 9 slow charging and battery drain issue just follow my guide below in order to fix Nexus 9 slow charging.

How Tp Fix Nexus 9 Slow Charging

People who are still using Nexus 7 you can fix Nexus 7 slow charging issue, using our guide that we have posted earlier. Follow guide is for Nexus 9 please follow all the steps properly to fix slow charging of Nexus 9.

How To Fix Nexus 9 Slow Charging and Battery Drain Issue:

Step 1: First configured ADB and Fastboot. [ Follow these steps here ]

Step 2: Now Open Command Prompt in Fastboot folder and Type: adb reboot bootloader.

Step 3: Choose Recovery from Bootloader.

Step 4: Now if you have a custom Recovery, it will open in an instant.


Step 5: However, if you Stock recovery,  you’ll be prompted to a windows with “No Command”, wait for 20-seconds to enter recovery mode.


Step 6: Now Navigate to Wipe Cache and Select it using Power Button.

Step 7: Once the Process is over, Select reboot System now.


Step 8: The same process is applied on the Custom Recovery too.

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  • Ivan Di Giusto

    Why would wiping cache make any difference to battery charging speed?

    The biggest issue there is using a charger that can supply enough current. I am not using the stock charger but something I got off ebay that will source up to 2A. Fast charging!

    • @ivandigiusto:disqus wiping cache effects a device more than a lot, another thing that you may try is, you may flash a custom recovery or root your device and wipe battery stats. That too effects it.

  • Jose de Jesus Cuenca Araiza

    Guys, I have the most easy solution yet, got this issue myself, 8 hours of charging from 0 to 100% the only thing I did (learning from another forum) was to change the USB cable that comes with the charger, now it went from 0 to 100 in less than 4 hours, I don’t know why, but it worked for me…

  • Tony Gullett

    Just get a better cable—-thats all—mine goes from 20% to 100% in 2.5hrs—and been doing it for over a yr now with no battery issues—-dont go messing with the cache or flashing crap—like I said—just get a better USB cable or Motorola Turbo charger—its capatible…

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