Fix mobile data connectivity problems on Samsung Galaxy S5 – *Updated*

I was searching on Samsung Galaxy s5 and found out that many people are facing mobile data connectivity issues, like some are saying that they can’t connect to mobile data and some are saying they are getting H – H+ not 3G or 4G. This is a kind of serious problem, if you are getting H+ instead of 3G that means you are not getting full 3G or 4G coverage. Well, no need to worry I have found perfect solutions that will help you to get rid of not connecting to 3G or 4G on Samsung Galaxy S5.

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How To Fix mobile data connectivity problems (3G/H/H+) on Samsung Galaxy S5:

Following are the basic steps that can be performed on any Samsung Galaxy s5 variants. Please note Techbeasts will not be responsible of any damages. DO IT ON YOUR OWN RISK.

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First try to change your SIM card, meaning use any other network may be your network is having issue. If so then go to your service center and get a brand new SIM.

  • Switch your mobile network settings from LTE/WCDMA/GSM to Auto. Now, wait for few seconds then reboot your device.
  • When your device is rebooted. Go to Settings.
  • Network connections.
  • Then More Networks.
  • Now Mobile Networks-> Network mode.
  • After getting in to the network mode switch back to LTE/WCDMA/GSM mode.
  • Again reboot your device.
  • This method worked for most of people so you should give it a try.

After performing all the above instruction and if your mobile data connectivity problems still remains the same. Try toggling airplane mode to get it connect. If none of this worked for you ,then go to your Samsung service center they’ll fix this problem, if not then you will get the new device.

Please follow the XDA forum link to get more details on these kinds of issues.

Fix/Workaround for mobile data connectivity problems (3G/H/H+ dropping connection).

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  • Metro Tima

    I was happy to find this article b/c I am having trouble with my new Galaxy S5 (model: sm-g900F): so far it’s only connecting via H+ and the people in the AT&T store don’t seem to have any suggestions for what do about this. I started to follow your directions, but when I went into network connections I couldn’t find a LTE/WCDMA/GSM option, only WCDMA/GSM. I went into the list of possible network connections and I couldn’t find LTE listed there either. The G900F should be the international/european model if I’m not mistaken. The phone is clearly unlocked b/c the phone etc. are working with the AT&T sim; just this one problem with the data connection… Thanks for any help others can provide!

    • @metrotima:disqus you’re right. G900F is the non LTE variant, it doesn’t have LTE option. I believe that your phone is not carrier branded, but the SIM card you’re using is from AT&T. Correct me if i’m wrong?

  • Brooke

    My phone has the h+ as well …. I’m using it through straight talk AT&T and the guy from straight talk had no advise for me on why the h+ is appearing … my phone says LTE on the back … so I don’t understand why I can’t get LTE … will I ever get it?

  • @barkway:disqus what phone are you using and what’s your issue to be exact?

  • @disqus_DlXtweGIPi:disqus please use this guide to fix your issue:

  • Usama Malik

    Just purchased my phone it’s samsung galaxy s5 g900p .the problem with my phone is that it just works on the gsm band .my phone is running on to fix the problem

  • Hafiz Ithnin

    My phone only connect to 4G line. And i wont go for H+/H/E or whatsoever. When i go to somewhere tht only have H connection, my network automatically will go for No Service. Can you help me to solve this problem? I’m from Malaysia. Thank you

  • The Buzz


    H+ and want 4gLTE. Have current OS note 4 on AT&T. Network mode GLOBAL. APN: ndo, MMSC:, MMProxy: Port 80 MCC 310 MNC 150 Bearer LTE

    Note: I also cannot sent MMS

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