How To Fix Lumia 1520 tap and scroll problem linked to flexing the screen

Nokia Lumia 1520 is one of the best Windows phone available in present time, it is if you are fine with the 6-inch display, and some problems which are sure to be experienced in such devices, no matter how much of a Flagship device it is. Most of the times, when users experience any issue related with the Touch or Scroll of any device, firstly it is considered as the problem of Software/Firmware problem, however, not all the times such problems are related with Software.

Nokia Lumia 1520 is also the victim of Scroll/Touch Problem, where users have witnessed that when they Scroll up or down on the screen, instead of scrolling, the app on which they have started the scrolling, the application opens up. At first, users tried to factory reset their device or update their software to solve this problem, upon failing, they then start looking for a solution. A new theory has arrived on the Web, explaining and solving this problem.


A users at WP Central, Hesham, has found an interesting idea about this Scroll/Touch problem, his words described it as the problem with the Size of the Screen, thus the digitizer contacts behind the display become misaligned, and the reason why it is misaligned is because of the Screen flex, like when you put the device in your Pocket with screen upside down, thus causing it to loose its position.

There are Two solutions for this Problem:

  • Don’t be harsh while scrolling up and down
  • Do not carry your device in your front pocket, upside down.

The explanation from this man has become more eligible, as he proves why the Software is not related with this Problem and also it proves why most users are not experiencing this problem, while others are still roaming with a perfect device. Considering this as the cause of this problem, Microsoft, can’t recall anything, as it won’t stop the popularity of this device and stop people from buying it. If you are experiencing this problem, do try these solutions and if they works for you, good if not, then start looking for another solution.


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