How to Fix issues on your iPhone 5s Touch ID for iOS 7.1

When Apple updated iOS 7 to iOS 7.1, there were many bugs that it fixed and numerous features were improved, among them Touch ID was one of the features of iOS that was made better with the update according to what Apple claimed. That improvement was experienced by many users but there were a number of users who found the update on Touch ID the other way. The complexity in software of Touch ID that was brought with the iOS 7.1 update didn’t help for few users as they faced number of problems in their iOS 7.1, these were found more in iPhone 5s. There are few ways that can assist in solving the problems which you are facing in your Touch ID with iOS 7.1 version. Do have a try and they most probably will be able to fix your issues.


Refreshing your saved Fingerprints

First thing that you can do is refresh the fingerprint data, you can delete all your saved fingerprints and try adding them again. For that you need to do is to follow few easy steps.

Step 1:
Using iPhone 5s, open the Settings App

Step 2:
Select Touch ID and Passcode from the Setting app

Step 3:
Insert your Passcode which you saved when it will ask.

Step 4:
Select all the fingerprints one by one and tap Delete Fingerprints, keep doing this until there is no fingerprint left.

Step 5:
Now select Add a Fingerprint by tapping on it and one by one add the fingerprints
Check your Touch ID functionality, if that solves the problem then you don’t need to try the rest of tricks, but if the problem still persists then you better try any of the following ways to fix your Touch ID because few people seem to have fixed their Touch ID by above method and some users’ Touch ID says troublesome even by trying the above procedure.


Resetting your iPhone/Restoring your iPhone

Refreshing your fingerprint data doesn’t solve your issue then you can try by resetting your iPhone

If re-registering your fingerprints doesn’t work you can try restoring your iPhone completely by following steps below.

Step 1:
Connect your iPhone 5s with iTunes.

Step 2: Select the version of your iPhone from the top right corner, in this case its iPhone 5s

Step 3: There on the main screen you will see Restore iPhone, tap it to Start restoring

Step 4: There it will ask you to back up your iPhone before start restoring, if you want to have a backup of your iPhone via iTunes you can select Back Up, but if you already have a backup on iCloud then you can tap on Don’t Back Up.

Step 5: Then another screen will appear, there you need to tap on Restore and Update to get things started.

Step 6: iTunes will start restoring your device

After your device has completed, you can use iTunes to restore or you can use iCloud utility to restore and plug out your device. There are many guides related to restoring from iTunes and iCloud. After the restoring is completed you need to check your Touch ID, it might be fixed by now but if it is still having issues then you can try the next procedure.


Contacting to an Apple Store:

Sometimes restoring your iPhone still doesn’t solve the problem, still there is always Apple Store which can help you if you are facing any problems. You can pay a visit to your nearby Apple Store, they can check your device and can fix it. If there is a big problem in your iPhone then they might exchange it for a new iPhone of the same model but th

If restoring your iPhone didn’t fix the issue, you may need to make a visit to your local Apple Store for further assistance. In some cases, your iPhone 5s may need to be swapped out for a new unit but Apple Store guarantees to solve the issues you are facing. There are number of queries in Apple Store so instead of waiting and spending your time at the Apple Store you can schedule a Genius Bar Appointment which will save your time when you will pay a visit.


Did the above procedures solve the issues you were facing in iOS 7.1? Which one of them was helpful for your iPhone? Was there any other way you tried? If yes what was it? Do let us know about your experience after having a try on the above procedures and if you are having problem with your Touch ID on the iOS 7.1 then do tell us, there might be another way we can try to help you out.


Abdullah Akbar

Abdullah Akbar Shafi is currently doing Software Engineering And he writes on Gadgets and Technology as his interest.
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