How to fix iPhone’s Home Button

If you are using iPhone From Quite a long time then may be your Home Button which is the only and most used physical button in iPhone is less responsive or hinges while moving up and down or doesn’t works at all , I have got some useful tips for making the Home button more responsive and smooth to move.

Re-calibrating your iPhone:

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Sometimes iPhone’s Home Button Gives response very late, that’s because may be it need re-calibration, follow the easy steps mentioned below.

  • Open any application like contacts or safari
  •  Press and hold the power button until the slide to shutdown bar appears.
  •  Release power button
  •  Press and hold Home button with normal pressure and wait until screen returns to icon screen

Re-Align the USB Port:


Sometimes the Charging port on the underside gets misplaced that makes the home button to response late or it completely disturbs its place so it no longer works. following are the steps to re align your charging Pot in its original Place

  • Plug in your iPhone charger or USB cable
  • Push the USB Cable Towards the Back Side of the iPhone while holding the Home button
  • Keep on pressing the Home Button and Remove the USB cable

Clean the surrounded Openings of Home Button


Sometimes Dirt or greasy material gets in the opening of Home button that is present around the home button you need to clean it in other to Use the Home button Smoothly and Cleaning makes its very quick responsive talking from personal Experience, But you must not Clean it with water or rubbing Alcohol.

  • Find Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Apply it on Cotton bud or Some Smooth Cloth
  • And then Rub it on the opening present around the home button for like 2 minutes.

Using On-Screen Home Button


If all of the Above methods don’t work you might have to use on Screen Home Button, By enabling it you will find a icon with the shape of home Button in every app Of your iPhone which can be used for the same function as of Home button. Following are the steps to enable it

  • Open Settings then Open General tab.
  • Find the Accessibility tab present at the bottom of the page.
  • In the Accessibility tab Scroll down to the bottom,
  • Turn on AssistiveTouch.

Now you will see the home Button On your iPhone Screen everywhere you can place it where ever you want on the screen , which ever place is convenient for you



Abdullah Akbar

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