How to Fix iPhone Keeps Restarting Issue

When ever you buy a new iPhone we love to add accounts, Install news app, restore backups and active our social media apps. But when we try to update our devices through manually or Jailbreak our device many times we face issues like iPhone Keeps Restarting. This occur when ever we try to put our device in DFU Mode, try to Jailbreak our device on wrong iOS version or mistakenly install wrong firmware. This issue make us made and it’s so frustrating so today i’ll tell you how to fix iPhone keeps restarting.


Steps to Fix iPhone Keeps Restarting Issue:

When ever your new iPhone Keeps Restarting first thing you do is try to hard reset your iPhone, Put your iPhone in to recovery mode and restore it, if none of this works then take your device Apple Store get it replaced.

  • Try to Turn ON/OFF Cellular data.
  • Try to Delete Faulty App means if you’ve installed a app and after that iPhone Keeps Restarting.
  • This might came handy Try Restore From An Old Backup.
  • Turn off your device and connect it with Pc. Now press the home button and wait for your device to get in Recovery Mode + Restore. Now restore your iPhone with iTunes.
  • You can put your device in DFU Mode by pressing Home+Power button for 10 seconds and you can install ISPW firmware on your iPhone.

If none of this worked for you then go to Apple Store and get a replacement for your device.

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