How To Fix iOS 9 Bad Battery Life Issue [ Tips ]

If you have recently updated your iPhone to latest iOS 9 and now you are facing battery drain issue on your iPhone, then follow the instruction below in order to fix iOS 9 Bad Battery Life Issue. I have seen many users reporting that they are facing issue after upgrading to iOS 9 although Apple has released a new update of iOS to fix all the bugs, but still there are many left.

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fix ios 9 battery life issues

How To Fix iOS 9 Bad Battery Life Issue:

Following are the instructions on how to fix bad battery life issue on iOS 9. If none of this helps you then, try going to service center of Apple and let them take a look what’s wrong with your device.

Look Into Your Apps:

First I would suggest that you look into your Apps how? Goto Settings->Battery, here you’ll see which apps are using the most of the battery. Some apps consume battery while screen is turn on and some while screen is turned off. After finding the app which is eating up your battery, delete it, check if there is updated version or try to reinstall it.

how to fix ios 9 bad battery life

Start Using Low Power Mode:

As far as i know this is the best option to save your battery life all you have to do is goto Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode > turn it on.

how to fix ios 9 bad battery life 1

Disable iCloud Keychain:

This is the most effective till now i’ve seen many users have reported after disabling the iCloud Keychain, they have seen bump to battery life. Goto Settings > iCloud > Keychain > Toggle iCloud Keychain off.

how to fix ios 9 bad battery life 2

Background App Refresh:

There are many apps which still work in background while you have closed it, they still consume battery while running in background. You can set limit or disable background app refresh by going to Settings > General > Background App Refresh > choose the app whom you don’t want to run in background or disable the background app refresh.

how to fix ios 9 bad battery life 3

Manage Display:

If you are using auto brightness then you should turn it off and set brightness level manually, this trick always help so goto Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Brightness > Off.

how to fix ios 9 bad battery life 4

Reset All Settings:

There are several factors that can cause battery drain issue on iOS 9, if you cannot find any particular reason which is causing this issue then you should reset your device. Goto Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

how to fix ios 9 bad battery life 5

Restore the iOS 9 Update:

This will be your last option if none of this works, then you should restore your iOS 9 update. That means you have to backup all your data and use iTunes to restore the update.

  1. Connect your device with PC.
  2. Turn off the Find My Phone option.
  3. Open iTunes.
  4. Click on restore.
  5. Once iOS 9 is restored on your iPhone or iPad, now you can click on restore from backup.
  6. All done

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