How To Fix Android Marshmallow MTP Issue using MTP Enabler

If you’ve been trying to get rid of the MTP issue residing in your Android Marshmallow powered device, then it’s the time to fix it now. MTP Mode

Android Marshmallow came up with tons of bug fixes and improvements. The only annoying thing Android Marshmallow users may come across is the selection of MTP mode everytime they connect their phone to their PC. Although the users can select the MTP mode manually by tapping the on-screen option they get after connecting their smartphone to their PC, but this process needed to be automated. XDA senior member bitstra seems to have done this job.

Bitstra’s application “MTP Enabler” intelligently changes the USB mode to MTP while you connect your phone to your PC. The application allows you to put a widget on your phone’s homescreen. You can simply tap the widget to activate the MTP enabler application. Once you’ve tapped this Widget and connected your device, the widget will change its background to Orange.  MTP enabler can also listen to the broadcast intent generated by USB connection but this is still in experimental mode, so going for the widget option is better as its stable.
MTP enabler doesn’t tinker or tweak any system files of your Android OS. It doesn’t harm your device’s security or privacy in anyway. The application is completely safe and secure to use. By default your connection type is set to “MTP” mode in the MTP Enabler application, but you can also change this option to “Ask me before”. Upon enabling “Ask me before” option, it will ask you what type of connect you want to go with upon connecting your phone with your PC.

For all the processes that the MTP enabler runs in the background, it doesn’t result in draining the battery of your Android. Go ahead and grab the MTP enable application and install it on your Android Marshmallow phone right away.

How To Fix Android Marshmallow MTP Issue

  1. Make sure that you’ve rooted your Android phone running Android Marshmallow. This application works with almost all Android Marshmallow ROMs.
  2. Download and install MTP Enabler application.
  3. Add MTP Enabler widget to your phone’s homescreen to access it easily.
  4. You can setup MTP Enabler by accessing it through app drawer.

MTP Enabler

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