How To Factory Reset Galaxy Note 4 [ Complete Guide ]

If you happen to be one of those people who have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and also happen to be a true Android Geek like many of us, then you might have heavily or slightly tweaked your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, by rooting it, installing a Custom Recovery, or installing a Custom ROM. But the only down-side of using an Android device to its true potential is that the fact that it has a lot of bugs. So, your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 might be lagging a lot now, due to the Custom stuff that you have done with it. Your games could be crashing every now and then, or worse, your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 might be really laggy, and might even hang most of the times. You might think that the only possible way to get rid of the problems is to revert back to stock. But, the real solution starts from just having a Factory Reset done on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Statistics show that the majority of the problems that your Android device is suffering through right now, can be cured by just performing a factory reset. That’s what we are going to teach you all in this guide. So, with your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 beside you, start reading this guide with caution, and it might affect you in a positive way by discarding any such issues that you are experiencing on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. So, without any further delay, let’s get right into the guide!


How To Factory Reset Galaxy Note 4 [ Complete Guide ]:


  • In-order to successfully factory reset your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, you’ll need no special requirements, like a root or a Custom ROM.
  • You need basic knowledge about what a factory reset does to your device. It wipes off everything that is on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
  • You need to backup everything that’s left on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 now. We insist you make a simple Nandroid Backup.
  • You also need to know how to enter the Recovery Mode in the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. In order to do so, just press-and-hold the Volume Up + Power Keys + Home Button at the same time.

Once everything you need is all-set, you just need to carefully follow the steps below to factory reset your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

How to factory reset the Samsung Galaxy Note 4:

Follow each and every steps with caution.

1. Make sure that you have backed up everything that you feel is important. We insist you to take a full Nandroid backup of the ROM.

2. Now, quickly Power Off your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and wait till it vibrates, which symbolizes that it is fully turned off.

3. Now, boot into the Recovery Mode using the instructions that I provided above.

4. Once you see the Recovery Mode, let go of the buttons, and then continue.

5. To navigate, you need to use the Volume Up and Down keys, and to select, the Power Button.

6. Good, now navigate and select the option which reads ‘Factory Data/Reset’.

7. Now, choose the option, and confirm by selecting ‘Ok’.

8. This process might take some time.

9. Now, your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will boot. Note that the time this boot will take will be considerably more. Just be patient.

10. Once it boots up, you’ll be using a new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in no time! No more bugs! Yay!

Great, good job! You’ve successfully factory reset your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. If you encountered any issues while in the process, then feels free to leave a comment below.

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