How to enable and disable Recovery Mode in iOS 7 to restore your iPhone/iPad

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Sometimes your iOS device like iPhone or iPad experience a problem and in order to fix it you need to use the backup mode. People find it difficult to take their device to recovery mode and to get it out of the mode as well because there are few problems that cannot be solved without the help of backup so Recovery Mode is a necessary thing that users need to know about.

Its not a difficult task, there are few steps that will take you in and out of recovery in iOS 6 and iOS 7.


How to turn on Recovery Mode:

Step 1:
You need to have the updated version of iTunes on your laptop, Pc or Mac (To which you will connect your iPad or iPhone). Just put the USB cable in the USB slot of your PC / laptop without connecting it with your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2:
Turn Off your device, Press the sleep/wake button and keep holding it until the red bar shows up. Shut down the device, swipe the red bar to shut it down. There will be the spinning wheel, wait till it disappears and then press the Home Button and keep holding it.

Step 3:
While you are holding the home button, connect the USB which is connected with the PC or laptop.

Step 4:
As you will connect the USB cable with your device, Apple Logo will appear. This is the place where you will see the recovery screen.

Step 5:
Release the Home button which you were holding, now you are in the Recovery Mode. Your iTunes on your PC or laptop will also notify that you are in Recovery Mode.

Step 6:
In Recovery mode you can Restore your iPhone or iPad through iTunes.

You cannot simply get out of recovery mode, there are few steps that you will need to follow in order to safely get our of it.

How to get our of Recovery Mode:

Step 1:
You need to connect your iPad or iPhone with your laptop via USB cable and make sure iTunes is running.  As mentioned above keep holding your Home button as you connect USB cable.

Step 2:
Hold the home and sleep/awake button at the same time and Apple logo will be displayed, it will take few seconds so have patience but keep holding both the buttons. After that the recover screen will disappear and white Apple screen will be displayed, there will be a black screen in between for a while but don’t let go the buttons until the White screen appears.

Step 3:
Don’t disconnect the USB cable until your device fully turns on and you can see the lock screen. Now your device is not in the recovery mode.

That’s it, but if this procedure doesn’t work on your device then there might be any other problem on your iPhone or iPad. There are several other apps which also allow your device to get out of Recovery Mode. You can try TinyUmberella which offers such services that keeps your data secure and get your device out of Recovery Mode


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