How to easily watch Movies and TV shows on your iPhone/iPad

Google Play store is the first thing that comes to your mind, but we are not talking about that because it is not possible and moreover no Android app will work on your iPhone or iPad. What this guide is about the app that Google released on iOS about Movies and TV applications. Google Play Book was launched in Apple Store in 2013 while Google Play Music was released in 2013.


Because of the limitations of Apple it is not possible to buy a Film or TV serial, in order to get one you will require a browser or an Android Play Store. With the help of Google Play now you can get any movie or TV show you want on your iOS device. You just need to search in the Apple Store for Google Play and you can install it, it’s a free app so don’t worry about it. It has few restrictions on it but not as much as Apple has. You can easily purchase anything you want to watch from this app.

AirPlay support is not the part of the app features, which means that seeing the movies or TV shows on large screen with the help of Apple TV is not possible in this app but you can use Chromecast. There is no 3G/4G streaming on this app, so you will require a Wi-Fi connection to watch what you purchased. The reason of not having this support is not clear but nonetheless you can use a Wi-Fi connection. It is not even sure that when the Google HDMI streaming will be on sale in United Kingdom so feature related to this is not worth using in UK.

However you can still get what you want to watch without any strict limitations on Google Play Movies and TV, you can purchase it and with the availability of Wi-Fi connection you can easily sit back and enjoy on you iPhone or iPad.

Abdullah Akbar

Abdullah Akbar Shafi is currently doing Software Engineering And he writes on Gadgets and Technology as his interest.
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