How to delete songs from iPhone/iPad In iOS 8 – iOS 9

iPhone is complicated in many ways, a layman cannot easily use when it comes to deleting something in iOS devices. Few days back I posted about how to delete photos in iOS when the trash can icon is grayed out and toady I’ll tell you how to delete songs from iPhone/iPad In iOS 8 – iOS 9. There are more than one method to delete songs or music from iPhone or iPad as compared to iOS 7. Now let’s start the method to delete songs from iPhone.

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delete songs from iPhone/iPad In iOS 8 - iOS 9

How to delete songs from iPhone/iPad In iOS 8 – iOS 9:

Step1: Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad.

Step2: Now Tap on General from the list.

Step3: Scroll down and Tap on Usage.

Step4: In usage menu Tap on Manage Storage.

Step5: There you’ll see of list of the apps with the space. Tap on Music.

Step6: Now to delete all the Songs, Tap on Edit located on the top right corner.

Step7: Once you tap on Eidt, you’ll see a red minus sign against ” All Songs ” . Tap on it.

Step8: You’ll see red delete button on right side of all songs. Tap on Delete.

Step9: Now to check that All the Songs are deleted head back to Usage and check the space against Music App, if it’s showing nothing that means all the songs are deleted from your iPhone or iPad. If the music app is still showing space, turn off your device wait for 30 seconds then turn on your device and repeat all the steps.

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