How to counter Wi-Fi connectivity issues in iPhone?

The network connectivity of iPhone is commended by most of its users yet there are few iPhone users who faced problems in their Wi-Fi connectivity. Few of them had slow connection which made it difficult for them to browse or use applications online. Other problems included the failure in connecting Wi-Fi, 3G or Edge, had trouble using YouTube application and were unable to use the push notification sometimes.

These problems were found in users who were using iOS 3.0 or later versions. Those users who jailbroked their iPhone also faced the connectivity problem along with those who used blackra1n and blacksn0w to unlock their iPhones.

Below are few ways to get your iPhone connectivity on full potential. These will be able to counter with the problems iPhone users faced as mentioned above.

Restoring your Settings:

You can restore your network setting by going to
Touch Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings.

If this does not works and you still are having problems then you better try resetting your All settings but keep that in mind it will end up in losing your preferences.

Touch Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings.



Solving YouTube application issues:

For those jail broken iPhone users, who are facing issues in YouTube application they should install youtubeFix from Cydia or they can try installing some other package installer. That will defiantly solve the problem


Resetting your iPhone :

There is another way that will solve all the problems mentioned above. Although it’s boring but it will make your iPhone totally new. You will be restoring your iPhone to the factory settings. The trouble you will face is that you will have to put all your contacts and media back on your iPhone from your computer by yourself. Those who have a jailbreaked iPhone or an unlocked iPhone, they will have to jailbreak or unlock the iPhone again after restoring. The resetting of your iPhone can be done using the following steps

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your laptop or computer

Step 2: From your iPhone run the iTunes app

Step 3: There you will see Summary Tab, below that tab select Restore.

Step 4: Although you will not need the backup when you will restore your iPhone but still if you want to have a backup you can make it.

Step 5: After the process of restoring is completed, your iPhone will automatically restart.

Step 6: After the iPhone will restart, you will see the Set Up Your iPhone screen. There you will select Set up as a new iPhone which will reset your iPhone to factory settings.


iPhone 5 connectivity issues:

The iPhone 5 users are also facing the problem of slow connectivity or disconnections at intervals while using WiFi. For them there are two methods that can help in resolving their problems.

Changing DNS settings:

They can use a manual DNS setting instead of default DNS setting. All they need to do is go to Navigation Settings and inside is the Wi-Fi tab, there you will see a blue arrow with your Wi-Fi network. Touch the blue arrow and you will see DNS, click DNS and enter the default Google’s DNS server that is or

Changing/Removing Wi-Fi Security: 

You can use the WEP security or by eliminating the password security to get better speed on your Wi-Fi connection because sometimes the Router is having compatibility issues which indicates that WPA2 Personal Wi-Fi Security is causing an issue. That is why we use WEP security or remove the security password.


Abdullah Akbar

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