How to convert your series of photos from Burst mode to Animated GIF in iPhone

iOS 7 has another feature of Burst mode Shooting which will allow you to take multiple photos with very short intervals, that will ultimately end up with a perfect photo. It captures ecvery frame so that you don’t miss any single moment. The whole Burst Shooting makes a single file in your Photos app which contains frame by frame images in a spurt.

With the help of few steps you can convert those series of images into a GIF. GIF are Graphic Interchange Format which combines all the images that were taken in a Burst and make it a movable image.

Step 1:
Find the Burst Mode in the Photos app

Step 2:
After you have found the Burst Modem, there will be a thumbnail with the title Chose Favorites”

Step 3:
Mark the images you want to choose by tapping a circle which is present at the right bottom of photo, it will mark the selected images.

Step 4:     
When you have finished selected images, select DONE

After you have performed above mentioned easiest steps, you will see all your selected images in the form of camera roll. You can convert them into animated GIF image and can share it on Facebook or tweet it on Twitter

There are softwares which are not free but they also make animated GP like Giffers. It is available on Apple store but it will cost you. Normal application costs $2.99 while the pro version is expensive and will cost $3.99 which will have many extra features.


Abdullah Akbar

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