How to bypass WhatsApp privacy settings [ Tutorial ]

Here you go, finally there is a Spy which can easily bypass WhatsApp privacy settings and good thing is that it’s working. There were many software’s and Apps which claims that they can bypass WhatsApp security but they never did, only WhatsDog was a good app which let you Spy on a single contact by telling you whenever that contact is using WhatsApp. Today I’ve a another tool created by Maikel Zweerink which allow you to do a lot of things such as, Track any privacy setting changes, Share profiles via unique tokens and much more. Now Let’s start the method to bypass WhatsApp privacy settings.

bypass WhatsApp privacy settings

What can WhatsSpy Public do

Profile your daily habits and smartphone usage throughout the day, if you like that or not.

It contains the following functions:

  • Track user status / status message and profile picture (history).
  • Track any privacy setting changes.
  • Be notified via various services if a user comes online/changed any of the above in WhatsApp.
  • Compare users statuses to draw conclusions.
  • Get a timeline view just like Facebook about the tracked users.
  • Group all tracked users and view statistics about them.
  • Share profiles via unique tokens.
  • Full language support for EN,DE,ES,NL

How to bypass WhatsApp privacy settings [ Tutorial ]:

To install WhatsApp Spy Public you need to get a grip on technical abilities because you need to do few complex technical stuff.

Learn how to install WhatsApp Spy Public on your Linux Machine / VPS (Linux) / Raspberry Pi: Click Here for the method

Download WhatsApp Spy Public:

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