How to add slow motion effects to videos on the HTC One (M8)

Technology is getting more advanced day by day and our smartphones are getting best of it. Once there was a time when phone are used only for calls and messaging. Nowadays, thanks to advancing technology, we get to do more than we need. There are hundreds of features in smart phones. We can take photos, make videos, edit them, share with friends and family, all thanks to social media apps. Today I am going to  tell you what you can do more with your HTC Camera. We have different options in it when we are making a video, but this time HTC added a new feature called slow motion in their camera. We all know what can we do with this slow motion feature, but there are other who don’t know how to add slow motion effects to videos on the HTC One (M8). Those who don’t know they can follow my guide in which I’ll tell you how to apply slow motion effects to videos on the HTC One (M8).HTC-One-M8

How to add slow motion effects to videos on the HTC One (M8):

Step 1: Open camera app on HTC One M8.

Step 2: Now record a video with moving object e.g kid riding bicycle, someone playing football.

Step 3: Open your video that you recorded.

Step 4: Now play the video in default HTC player.

Step 5: Tap on 3 dots on your screen.

Step 6: Select edit form the list.

Step 7: Now tap on adjust playback speed.

Step 8: You’ll be in editing mode, now select the main time frame whom you want to be in slow motion.

Step 9: Select the start part and then end part by dragging the white icon from both sides.

Step 10: Save the video. All Done.

YouTube Preview Image

You can see in the following video how apply slow motion effects to videos on the HTC One M8. If you face any issue regarding this guide let me know in the comments.

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