How is Apple’s iPhone X losing the game to Samsung Note 8?

Okay, so we all know that Apple’s futuristic iPhone has been all over the news since the past two days. The company has been busy boasting about the huge array of features which iPhone X has, but other smartphones don’t. We heard about the OLED display, the very speedy A11 Bionic CPU and a bezel-free design of iPhone X. But, does it actually deliver EVERYTHING? We certainly doubt that!

While the world is busy crowning the new Apple iPhone X and studding one jewel after another in that crown, let us take a close look into how accurate are the claims of Apple. We are pretty determined that the Apple iPhone X lacks a list of features that the Galaxy Note 8 has. So, let’s throw some light on the features of both smartphones, and see what’s missing in the new iPhone X!


 iPhone X Can NOT Take A Dip, But Note 8 Can!

Has it ever happened to you that your expensive smartphone fell in inches deep water leaving your phone completely useless? Well, it’s painful! As the iPhone X claims to be water resistant, sadly it is not performing up to the requirements of its users in these terms. It might be able to resist the few splashes and splatter of rain. But can it resist a fall in a pool? We dread that it won’t. On the other hand, the Galaxy Note 8 has an outstanding resistance to water. It can withstand a depth of 1.5 meters of water, which the popular iPhone X cannot. As we can see the detailed specifications, the iPhone X has IP67 certification, but unfortunately, the Galaxy Note 8 wins with the deal with the higher IP68 rating!


Samsung Note 8’s Display Is Bigger And Better!

Samsung Note 8 is bound to amaze you with its 6.3 inches wide screen and its great dimensions. With better screen to body ratio, Note 8 is a treat to carry and use. Being taller and wider than iPhone X, Note 8 is a definite go-to phone for people who like larger displays. iPhone X has at a disadvantage in this regard as Note 8 is equipped with a bigger screen with higher resolution. Note 8‘s features show that it is equipped with a bit more advanced AMOLED panel that iPhone X does not have. Moreover, Note 8 has a resolution of 2,960×1, 440p and pixel density of 521ppi, which overtakes iPhone X for sure!

Note 8 Comes With Edge Swipe & Split-Screen Review!

The Note 8’s curved sides are not at all useless. They come with a purpose. As you swipe on these, you can instantly access your favorite apps or reach to important contacts and even click pictures.  You can also open two apps at one time by using the option of split-screen review. This is done by the famous App Pair feature, but the iPhone X doesn’t offer any such feature!


Galaxy Note 8 Is Not As Choosy As iPhone X!

 Well, iPhone X has a really choosy Headphone Jack that does not support every regular kind of earphones. No, you cannot plug in your old Sony headset into your iPhone X and enjoy some music while jogging. You need to have your wireless earplugs or the specific wired earphones with lightning connector to be able to enjoy some music on it. This is troublesome! However, Galaxy Note 8 takes care of your ease and comfort in this regard, by having a standard 3.5mm audio jack in it.  Note 8 supports all kinds of earphones without any hassle. Now that’s more like it!


iPhone X Lacks The Standard SB Type-C Port!

With the iPhone X using the proprietary Lightning port for charging and data transfer, it is devoid of the universal standard USB Type-C. This means you can no longer use power banks for charging and transfer data as easily as you can do with Galaxy Note 8. Quite a disappointment!


Stylus Pen Is the Signatory Of Note 8!

Note 8 gained attention due to its stylus called S-Pen which makes drawing and writing on the phone’s screen much easier! We would definitely give Note 8 a thumbs up for this feature. However, iPhone X doesn’t come with any such stylus sadly.

iPhone X Lacks A Fingerprint Sensor!

The Galaxy Note 8 has a fingerprint sensor on the back along with facial recognition in the front which only adds more variety to the functionality of the phone. Although the iPhone X is coming with a facial recognition feature, but Apple has ignored the Touch ID fingerprint recognition totally, in fact, has discarded it totally since it relayed along the home button.

Location Based Automatic Unlocks Are Note 8’s Specialty Only!

The good thing about Note 8 is that it offers automatic login at certain locations. These locations are referred as trusted places and therefore, one doesn’t need to unlock their phones at that place. Note 8 is using the “Smart lock” feature for this purpose. This feature is lacking in the iPhone X.


iPhone X Lacks Expandable Storage!

Bad news! A shocking thing about iPhone X is that you cannot expand its storage. However, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 does have an option of microSD card slot. You can expand the storage to even 256GB.


So, it’s safe to say that iPhone X could have been better if it has some of the very useful features that the Note 8 offers. With a bigger screen, curved design, and its signature stylus S-Pen, Note 8 takes the lead in terms of many features. Coming with better water resistance and offering an enjoyable viewing experience for games and movies, Note 8 overtakes iPhone X in certain areas! However, Apple is trying to get on the bandwagon finally and adopt some of the late left behind features of Android phones.

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