How To Get SoundCloud Music Caching Feature Back On Android

SoundCloud is the biggest music hub on the internet at the moment and might be the best music streaming application for Android and iOS users as well. SoundCloud’s Android application has over 50 Million downloads in the Google Play Store. This much number of users makes a sense for SoundCloud developer to keep on improving the quality of their application, which is why we saw a new update every few days. One of the cool features on SoundCloud was the music caching, users were able to set a caching size in settings and then play songs which would get cached. The cached songs were saved for offline music, no internet connection was required to play the songs that you played once on the SoundCloud application. But things seem to have changed now.

In the most recent update, SoundCloud tooks this music streaming feature off from their application in order to enhance the technical capabilities of their application and improve the user experience. That means you need to stay connected to the internet whenever you want to play a song, you no longer can play any song in offline mode. This update turns out to be one of the most unexpected and worst updates for the users. At the present time, thousands of users have switched from SoundCloud to apps like Spotify only because of SoundCloud’s decision of dropping this feature from their Android app. But not everyone can pay for a service like Spotify and SoundCloud wins its spot for being free. A part from that, SoundCloud’s flawless playback make the application number one Music and Audio application to the date.

Music Caching feature had several advantages. Users didn’t need to store or download the music on their phone. The application did the job for them instead. All they needed is, just open the SoundCloud application and play their cached music in a few taps. If you’re a SoundCloud freak like me, you must be missing this feature greatly at the moment and you must be willing to get it back somehow. If you’re planning to switch from SoundCloud, we may have a reason to stop you and make you stick with SoundCloud as we already have a method which help you to get the Music Caching feature back on your SoundCloud application and play your favorite tracks offline on SoundCloud whenever you want, wherever you want.soudcloud-youredm

This can be done by replacing the current version of SoundCloud application installed on your Android with an older version which had this feature. Wondering how you can do so? Well, let’s go through this step by step guide to get it done now.

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How To Get SoundCloud Music Caching Feature Back On Android

  1. First of all you need to uninstall the current version of SoundCloud application from your Android device. To do so, go to settings.
  2. Now in settings > apps / application manager > all > SoundCloud.
  3. Tap SoundCloud in order to access its settings.
  4. Tap Uninstall in order to completely uninstall SoundCloud’s current latest version from your device.SoundCloud Music Streaming1
  5. Now download SoundCloud 15.02.02-45 apk file.
  6. Copy the downloaded apk file to your phone’s SD card.
  7. Now on your phone, go to settings > security > allow unknown sources.
  8. Now using a file manager, locate the copied SoundCloud apk file and tap it to install it.
  9. Follow on-screen instructions to install the application, once installation is finished open the application.
  10. Go to settings and checkout the music caching feature as they will be back now.soundcloud offline
  11. Play any track online now and then play it offline, it will work flawlessly!
  12. Now go to Google Play Store and search for SoundCloud application. Now tap the three dots at the top right corner of the screen, and turn off auto update for SoundCloud. That’s all.

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  • @duniel:disqus go to google play store and search for SoundCloud application. Now tap the three dots at the top right corner of the screen, and turn off auto update for SoundCloud.

    Try playing a bunch of songs, and then try playing the same songs offline. If you are able to play all of your tracks offline, that means this thing is working for you.

    Let me know if this solution helps. Stay connected.

    • NooBzz

      That works, thanks. But I really need the remove and shuffle play feature, but since its downgraded, it doesn’t exist anymore. Is there a way I can have music caching with the remove and shuffle play feature?

      • @disqus_yg4ysAUTVY:disqus the shuffle play feature in a more older version of SoundCloud. We will have to spot that version. Can you please tell me the month in which the Shuffle Play Feature was there in SoundCloud?

    • NooBzz

      How do I get music caching with the remove and shuffle play feature? I really need it, especially the shuffle play. Because since it’s downgraded, the features don’t exist anymore.

    • NooBzz

      How can I get the remove and shuffle play feature with music caching? Since it is downgraded the features doesn’t exist yet.

  • Smook

    They block now the streamfeature of this old Version intentionally. Beause of this the fix shown in this article got somehow obsolete 😐

    • Tucsky

      Sadly, can confirm

  • Pascal

    For me, this little trick is still working! although I can not see the song covers, but that doesn’t care me :p
    Thank you!!

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