How To Fix Unfortunately Facebook Has Stopped on Android

Here’s how you can fix unfortunately Facebook has stopped on Android devices, this is most common error comes on Android devices all the time. There are lot of reasons for causing this issue, sometimes apps got crashed. In the following guide i’ll tell you how to fix Unfortunately Facebook Has Stopped.

Following is a step by step simple guide, that can be applied on others apps also, but not all the time it works. All you have to do is follow all the steps as mentioned below.

How To Fix Unfortunately Facebook Has Stopped on Android


How To Fix Unfortunately Facebook Has Stopped on Android:

Step#1: Open Settings on your Android device.

Step#2: Now tap on More tab. [ I am using Galaxy Note 3 ]

Step#3: Tap on Application Manager form the list.

Step#4: Now select All Application by swipe to left.

Step#5: There you’ll see all your installed apps, Tap on Facebook.

Step#6: Now all you have to do tap on Clear Cache and Clear data.

Step#7: Now goto home screen and restart your device.

All Done ….

If this method is not working for you then you have to uninstall the Facebook app and install the latest updated version from Google Play. If by any means still you are facing the same issue, i think you should try to install the old version of Facebook app that will help you to get rid of Unfortunately Facebook Has Stopped.

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  • Dave

    I did all of this, but I still get the error

    • Lauren Harrison

      Me too.

    • Jaymee Swain

      I did this too and only fixes it for awhile. I went to and was already logged in. then I just put it on my home screen, which shows the same logo as regular Facebook app. this has worked for me. I just click on it and it goes right to facebook. It looks a little different than the regular page but basically the same. Try that!

  • Debbie

    I just tried this and it worked! Nothing I can tell needs me to update, profile the same, contacts are there, settings stayed the same. Guess it just went back to the version I was using before I recently updated. By the way, that’s when this problem began with “facebook has stopped running”. Thank you ever so much for your brainpower!!! I’m freeeeee! : )

  • Joe A

    This method just opens Facebook from a browser and not the actual Facebook Mobile application…. its different because you are viewing from the desktop browser view. This is not a fix to the actual problem it just allows you to log on Facebook using a browser and not the mobile application. I have tried everything to get the mobile application working on my LG Gpad Android tablet, even resetting and it doesn’t fix the issue.. My next attempt will be to find a older version of the facebook mobile application because the one on Google Play is definitely not working for me.

    • Jaymee Swain

      Where can I find an older version of Facebook?

  • Anu Kumar

    The error msg on my j7 pro says ‘facebook keeps stopping’. Is there a wsy out. Not able to uninstall the app. Can only disable it. Couldn’t clear cache as well.

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