Here’s What We Know So Far About The Apple iWatch

There’s a serious competition going on between the smartphone manufacturers, and specially when it comes to introducing a new gadget, all the tech giants stand in competition with each other and try to win the battle. The concept of smart watches is pretty much old now, but Samsung actually took the lead by introducing the Galaxy Gear with tons of features the users that the users actually loved. Samsung and LG have also introduced the smart watches running Andorid Wear OS (Google’s Special OS for Wearables), that also helps to leave Apple far behind. Now that the biggest tech giant has introduced a cool gadget, how can its biggest rival “Apple” sit idle?.

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Its been quite long now since Apple’s iWatch is running the rumor mills and everyday something comes up that adds the fuel to it. Speculations and the latest rumors have been suggesting that Apple might be rolling out the iWatch anytime soon now, as the iPhone 6 is on the way as well. Although there hasn’t been any official info available about the iWatch, but what we can say being sure for now is, Apple surely is set to bring up a smart watch this year as it won’t easily let its rival Android smart watches to win the ground easily before it gets too late. We’ve collected all the information available about the Apple iWatch and compiled it up right here. Let’s move forward and have a look on what we know so far about the Apple iWatch.

Apple iWatch – The Name:

Apple is has trademarked the name “iWatch” in 5 countries at the moment. That actually gives us a sense of the watch’s real name to be iWatch as it also matches Apple’s product line starting with the word “i”.These countries include Japan, Taiwan, Mexico, Colombia and Turkey. The news about Apple’s trademarking of the iWatch has boosted up the rumor mills and there are strong hopes of seeing the iWatch soon

Apple iWatch – Operating System:

Apple has already introduced iOS 8 with a number of enhancements. As the iWatch isn’t out yet, it is expected that Apple will load its latest OS on the device in order to achieve the best performance results.

Apple iWatch – Screen:


Recent rumors have been suggesting that Apple iWatch will sport a 2.5 inches rectangular display. But it actually doesn’t make a sense because a 2.5 display isn’t suitable for a watch, and will look quite bulky and hard to carry.


WSJ suggests that Apple iWatch will be coming in multiple screen sizes, as not all the wrists can easily fit in a same smartwatch. Not only the different screen sizes, Apple iWatch will also come in different designs so that the users may pick one according to their liking.


According to Analyst Brian Blair of Rosenblatt Securities the iWatch will have a round face. Apple has been going round with the icons / other graphics on the latest version of iOS, so we might be seeing Apple’s implementation of graphics on a real object as well.

LG Display Co is expected to be the screen supplier for the Apple iWatch.

Apple iWatch – Models:

Reports have been suggesting that Apple is set to bring up different models of the iWatch and it will be targeting Men and Women separately in the market. Modified models of the iWatch surely will cost a lot, and Apple hasn’t been going cheap with any of its products in the past as well. This might be a good move from Apple in order to differentiate from the current smart watches as they come in same sizes / same models and fit in on all the wrists easily.


Apple iWatch – Features:

Apple will focus on the fitness and health applications with the iWatch. Here are some of the features that are expected to be a part of the iWatch

  • Hydration Level
  • Heart Rate
  • Running / Walking Tracker
  • Biometric Functionality

iWatch will allow the users to make and pick up the calls, it will also allow the users to control the music being played on their connected iPhone or iPad. Besides this, the Apple will offer the notifications and updates from your device. Reports from different sources have also suggested that Apple will fix in up to 10 sensors in the iWatch to enhance its functionality and become the users’ daily life companion.screen shot 2013-11-27 at 12.09.10 pm

Apple iWatch – Specifications:

  • 1.3 inches and 1.5 inches Flexible AMOLED display, Might go up to 2.5 according to rumors.
  • 200 – 250 mAh battery.
  • NFC Chip
  • Bio-metric Recognition Sensor
  • Wireless Charging

Apple iWatch – Price:

It’s Apple, do not expect anything cheap. Samsung introduced its first smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear starting form $299 and the price came down pretty soon. Apple has been quite strict with its product when it comes to pricing, and its always hard to afford any Apple product. As mentioned above, Apple iWatch is supposed to hit the market in different screen sizes and in different designs, the prices may vary accordingly. According to KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo, some of the models of iWatch may cost up to $1000… Wait, did you just stop reading this? Well, that’s true as far as the reports are concerned. 

We expect the iWatch to cost up to $400. Let’s wait and hope for the iWatch to come at an affordable price and take this with a pinch of salt for now.

Apple iWatch – Release Date:

Some reports have suggested that Apple is set to sell out 50 Million of its smart watches in the first year of its release. According to Brian Blair, the iWatch will go into production in July/August and will be released somewhere around October, 2014. Some other sources have suggest that the Taiwanese Quanta Computer will be mass producing the Apple iWatch in July, 2014, while most of the reports have been hinting the iWatch to come out in Q3, 2014.

There’s been a number of information that suggests about Apple’s iWatch being tested by the Apple employees and some athletes testing it out for the fitness purposes. Apple seems to be doing a lot of hardwork at the moment as it has hired a number of medical experts, and some other experts from different fields in order to bring up something completely different.


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That’s all we know so far about the Apple iWatch. What do you think about Apple’s smartwatch? Let us know through the comment box below.


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