Here Are The 5 Big Announcements Made By Facebook This Week

Facebook came up with many new ambitions in its recent F8 developers’ conference. In an extensive keynote April 12, Mark Zuckerberg (CEO Facebook) presented a 10 year future plan of the company. The main theme of the plan was to “Give everyone the power to share anything with anyone.

Moreover, Facebook decided to take things to new heights from where they standing now as a social networking platform. They aim to introduce new virtual reality projects, spread internet across the globe with the help to drones, and unveil intelligent and complex bots to cater the digital needs of a person.

Facebook understands that achieving the aforementioned target, they’d have to proceed gradually. The first step taken by the company was to improve their current product line-up. They announced several changes they’ve made which will allow their customers to get more out of each product. Following are the the biggest 5 of those announced developments.

360-Degree Camera
In order to help increase the content of Facebook’s Oculus VR virtual reality firm, they have announced to release a design and software for a 360 degree camera system. This camera system will be able to generate stereoscopic 360-degree panoramas with the help of a tailor-made software which will join the outputs from 14 camera ( which are coupled in a horizontal circle ) in addition to a fish-eye lens on top and two cameras on the bottom. However, the company won’t be putting this 17 camera system up for sale, instead they are hoping other manufacturers to follow in their footsteps and build similar products of their own.

Messaging Bots
Facebook, once again, revealed tools for developers around the world which would allow them to build bots that can handle automated chats with people via the messenger app. Currently, the bots can handle some basic functions like delivering weather forecasts and acting as a shopping assistant. However 3rd party testing revealed that the bots aren’t handling their tasks efficiently. For instance, CNN’a bot replied with a ‘shrug emoji’ when it was asked for news on Panama Papers. Poncho, a weather service bot, wasn’t able to answer basic questions like “What’s the weather right now?” .

Instead of the basic tools, it would be better if Facebook provides developers with powerful tools like Bot Engine, which is being used in Facebook’s text-based AI concierge, dubbed M. The Bot Engine uses machine learning technique to constantly improve themselves when they are gives complex tasks to be handled.

Rights Manager

You might have heard claims made by YouTube creators which stated that people are stealing videos from YouTube and posting them on their Facebook without even caring to get permissions. With the increasing popularity of Facebook Live, among celebrities and media companies, the company has introduced new rights management system. This system will allow the owners to upload reference videos so that the duplicates can be searched and removed automatically.

Social VR
Facebook aims to develop Virtual Reality to an extent where intimate social interactions can be made even from long distances. To give a demo of their plan, two of the company’s executives put on Oculus headsets and started exploring London via 360-degree images. The duo was able to handle objects like digital selfie stick in the virtual world. Apparently they were virtually taking selfies of their virtual self in a virtual world. This tells us how much the company is working in the field of VR.


Higher-Quality Live Videos

Apparently the CEO of Facebook has been really impressed with the concept of live videos. Therefore, he introduced a Live Broadcasting feature for its customers so that they can stream live footage of any sort from any device. Mr Zuckerberg gave a rather impressive demonstration of this new feature by making a drone take off and shoot live video of the people present in the F8 conference.

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