Here are Some New Features on WhatsApp you Must Know

WhatsApp has rolled a new update recently and it brought some new features which are quite useful and fun as well. From cool emojis like the most anticipated middle finger emoji to adding an option to share PDF documents in chats, WhatsApp has left no stone unturned. The WhatsApp developers are waging wars against other IM services to attain a monopoly in the instant messaging domain. Well, looking at the pace they’re going, it won’t be far for WhatsApp to gain the supremacy with a clear dominance.

The Google Play updates are quite frequent that most of the users don’t even notice the changelog of the updated apps. While some of you might have already noticed few new features on WhatsApp, here’s a list of some cool new features on WhatsApp which you must know to get the most of this amazing chatting service. So, without any further ado, let’s see the new features on WhatsApp

1. Sharing the documents: The first thing we noticed in the WhatsApp is the new sharing option in the top menu. You can now share PDF documents over chat which is quite useful for quick sharing of notes instead of using emails. Currently, you can only send PDF files but we are hoping they add support to other types of documents as well.


2. New Emojis: WhatsApp has introduced some cool new emojis which are quite good to express our feelings through those tiny icons. The Middle Finger emoji also made an appearance which was blocked in some nations. Some other new emojis are upside down smiley face, a bucket of popcorn, burrito, spider etc…


3. A large Group: Good news for the group chat lovers, you can now add up to 256 members in a group which is quite a bump from the earlier 100 members. So, keep making friends and add them to the groups without worrying about reaching the ceiling.

4. Link History: WhatsApp now helps you access the links shared in a chat at one place. It’s the same adoption as displaying all the media files like images and videos. Now you’ll get a tab where the links are listed and you can quickly access them by tapping on the links.

5. Clear chats: It was always a pain to delete chats on WhatsApp, you had only two options, either to delete chats manually or to remove them entirely. Now, you can delete all messages or only messages which are older than 30 days or 6 months. It would be good if it’s possible to specify the time frame to delete chats but, yay! it’s better than before.


6. Copy Links: Copying links was one of the irritating things in WhatsApp as we have to copy the entire message to get that link. Now, you can just copy the link in the message or just directly click on it open in the browser.

Let us know which of the new features are quite useful for you.

Naveen Robsworth

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