GTA V Billionaire Glitch, Turn Players into Billionaire.

Now a days, every game is coming with some sort of glitch, like I was once playing Dark Siders 2 and in some stages, while running along side walls or on walls, it just doesn’t grab the hook on walls. So, I used a Trainer to end the game 🙂 . Then in Dead Space 3, I was shooting the zombies and they just doesn’t die, while on Mass Effect 3, all you need to do is to wait out the enemies and once you get the target, no matter how many enemies are alive, the game keeps going on.


But all of those were in Single Player Mode, now GTA V is showing some glitch, but the main problem is that it’s been happening in Multiplayer mode. Any glitch in single player is tolerable, but in Multiplyer it effects all the player not just one of them. This glitch will turn the player into billionaires and if you are playing GTA V, you must know that collecting money is a very difficult task , especially in multiplayer.

If by any chance you haven’t able to grab your hands on this glitch, we will show you how it is done. There is a video on YouTube showing how exactly it is done. But once your friends get to know that you are using such thing, then they might kick you out of the server, so try this thing on your own risk.


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