Got An Essential Phone? Do Not Ever Attempt To Repair It Yourself!

iFixit is famous for its DIY cell phones repairs and it provides hacks to repair almost everything that a cell phone can encounter. However, people at iFixit gave up on themselves when they tried repairing the Essential phone and strictly advised never to try fixing it at home.

Source: Phone Dog


Essential Phone has been applauded worldwide for its sleek and strong build. But never did anyone imagine that it would come with a cost! The phone is modulated and easy operating, however, the inside of the phone is literally unapproachable. According to the iFixit guys, they had to crack open the phone via breaking the display and that too after freezing the back panel. Now, this makes it all a complete hassle and an unpleasing task because the phone has no opening at all.

Source: Android Authority

Source: Android Authority

Once you make it through the phone finally, after causing enough damage, the iFixit people have shown that the USB-C port on the phone is right there attached to the motherboard. Since there is no headphones jack, and the USB port serves a major purpose, it cannot be troubled.

With further scrutiny of the phone components, it has been revealed that the phone seriously lacks visible seam and have plenty of adhesive. Though this makes the phone’s inside compact and intact, but it equally poses a great trouble for getting anything fixed if need be.

iFixit has rated Essential phone as 1/10 with regard to repairing and has strictly advised to not repair it yourself otherwise you would be calling trouble with an emergency

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